5 Mintute Spring Wreath [DIY Tutorial]

I was whirling around my house last weekend trying to tackle some much needed Spring cleaning when I opened up my (rarely used) front door only to find I STILL hadn’t taken down my red rosewood Christmas wreath! AHHH!  I felt like one of those people that leave their Christmas lights on in July…not a good look…as I pulled down my Christmas wreath, I remembered that I’d bought a garland of “greens” on my last trip to the Hobby Lobby (love that place!).  I had an old branch wreath frame laying around too, so I quickly threw together this simple, yet beautiful Spring wreath!  When I say quickly, I mean record timing…this entire Spring wreath took me no more than 5 minutes to make!


[5 Minute] DIY Spring Wreath

Gather up:

one medium wreath frame (the twisted branch wreaths are only $1 at the Dollar Tree =) )

one 6′ garland of greens (I purchased mine from the Hobby Lobby, on sale for $7.50)

at least nine round white coffee filters

twist ties


First things first, we’ll make the faux hydrangeas for our Spring wreath.  Last Spring, we made en entire wreath using coffee filter hydgrangeas.  The coffee filter flowers are super easy to make!

First, flatten out three coffee filters, layered on top of each other.


Next, fold them all together in an acordian-like method…


Cinch the middle of the filters with a twist tie…


Starting with the inside pedals, pull up the sides of the coffee filters…


Your flower should now look something like this…  I made three of these for my wreath, but you can make as many as you prefer!


Now the your faux flowers are done, set them aside while we move onto adding the greens to the wreath.  Simply wrap your garland of greens around the wreath frame. Secure it to the wreath by wedging pieces of the garland between the wreath branches every few inches.


The last step is adding the coffee filter flowers to your wreath! You should have pieces of twist ties stemming from the inside of each flower, simply secure the flowers to the wreath by wrapping the twist ties around the wreath’s branches…


That’s it!  Your 5 Minute DIY Spring Wreath is complete! 

diy-spring-wreath-greens2 spring greens wreath-diy diy-spring-wreath-greens

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nylon pumpkin fall  wreath diy

Up-cycled Burlap Pumpkin Wreath {DIY}

Yesterday, I posted a fun Fall DIY on making pumpkins from nylon stockings.  So part two of the project is putting those pumpkins to use!  I decided to use my nylon pumpkins to create a new Fall wreath!  This DIY Fall wreath could not have been simpler to make.  The only material it required was burlap and of course foam tube for the wreath.  Here’s how my Burlap & Nylon Pumpkin Wreath turned out…

Fall Burlap Pumpkin Wreath {DIY}

For this Fall wreath, all you will need is burlap and a foam wreath base.  I like to use 3/4″ pipe insulation, which is available at any hardware store (find it here).  A six foot length of the foam tube only costs $1.18 and it works perfectly for making wreaths!  This little tip will save you lots!  I cut the foam tube to size, then used duck tape to attach the ends together.

Cut your burlap material into 2″ wide strips (and as long as you can make them).  I used recycled coffee bags from a local coffee shop.

Wrap the burlap strips around the wreath base, use hot glue to secure them to the wreath.

Now its time to attach the nylon pumpkins to the wreath.  Click here for the simple DIY on how to make these pumpkins.  Use hot glue to attach the pumpkins to the burlap wreath.

Here’s a close up of the completed Burlap Fall Pumpkin wreath…