10 wine bottle crafts

10 Uses for Up-Cycled Wine Bottles {inspiration}

I’m back at it with the wine bottles again!  After I posted my How to Cut a Wine Bottle DIY, I promised I would share some great uses for all those empty wine bottles, and there are TONS.  I’m definitely going to have some fun collecting the materials for these great wine bottle crafts ;) .  I’ve already made a few fun things with the unused corks like the Wine Cork Bath Mat, but now I’m itching for more!  This brings me to today’s inspirational post, 10 Uses for Up-Cycled Wine Bottles

10 Up-Cycled Wine Bottle Crafts

These glasses may not be made from wine bottles, but they follow the same concept.  Simply use the wine bottle cutting technique for making these soda bottle glasses!

Simple & elegant wine bottle vases.  Use metallic spray paint on wine bottles to achieve this look!

This is really amazing, I just love the rustic feel of this up-cycled wine bottle torch, get the DIY on Design Sponge!

Create a mind blowing table scape by inserting candles in clear wine bottles like I do it yourself did!

Simple stunning.  There’s definitely an art to creating these wine bottle shelves, but this look can be achieved with a little imagination and hard work =)

First Step Designs has created this incredible hanging lantern by cutting the bottom off wine bottles.  Amazing.

Create wall mounted wine bottle vases by securing wine bottles to the wall using standard plumbing brackets you would find at your local hardware store!

Here are the real “wine bottle glasses”, similar to the soda bottle glasses above just much larger!  Again, use my how to cut a wine bottle technique for these!

This idea is genius…paint wine bottles in chalk paint and they can be used for just about anything!

This wine bottle walk way is such a cool, eclectic look!  What a great way to put funky blue wine bottles to use!

bells of ireland-lavender-st-patricks-day-floral-close

Simple St. Patty’s Bells of Ireland Arrangement

With St. Patrick’s Day right around the corner, I wanted to liven up my kitchen with something fresh & green of course.  This is always a bit tough for me because plants & floral arrangements aren’t exactly my forte; in fact, it’s a miracle when I can keep something alive for more than 2 weeks…  So when it comes to arrangements, simple and hearty is my motto!   I went to a local greenhouse and decided to purchase some Bells of Ireland, they were so fun and festive!  For a pop of color to go with the Bells of Ireland’s, I purchased some sprigs of lavender {lavender is one of my all time favorite scents}.  I used a glass oblong vase to display the arrangement in my kitchen, and it looked beautiful!  I absolutely love the simplicity of this look.  Bonus, these guys have now been alive for 11 days and they still look amazing!


diy-st-patricks-day-wreath-fabric rose

St. Patty’s Irish Rose Wreath {DIY}

Saint Patrick’s Day is just around the corner-and so is spring for that matter!  What better time to make a bright & cheery, green fabric rose wreath?  Hand made roses are often made with craft paper which is great, but for this project I decided to use fabric.  Fabric roses are so simple to make {much easier than they appear}, and they have a chic, upscale look.  Fabric flower wreaths sell for a pretty penny, but this DIY fabric wreath cost me less than $10 to make.  Introducing, the St. Patty’s Irish {fabric} Rose Wreath.

Gather up:

Three large pieces of green fabric in varying shades & textures {I used 3 outdated shirts from my local thrift shop}

One piece of cardboard for wreath cut out

Hot glue gun

Select three pieces of green fabric in different shades & textures.  I went to my local thrift shop and picked up a sweater {$2.99}, waffle knit {$1.99}, and woven tee {$2.99}.  Upcycle when you can!

 Cut a ring out of a piece of cardboard in whatever size you desire.  My wreath was approx. 12″ across

Cover the wreath in strips of fabric, wrapped around the perimeter.  Hot glue the ends to secure them to the cardboard

Now, it’s time to make the fabric flowers.  Cut a circle {approx. 5″ in diameter} out of the fabric.  Your circle does not have to be perfect, infact the fabric roses will look more authentic with uneven edges and varying shapes

Cut the fabric circle in a spiral fashion.  The spiral cut should start out thin and gradually get thicker as you reach the center.  

Starting at the thin end of the spriral cut fabric circle, begin to roll the fabric tightly.  Pinch the bottom end of the roll and this will should spread the petals of the rose naturally

Using hot glue, secure fabric roses to the wreath in desired color pattern.  I simply placed them randomly…

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day and enjoy your St. Patty’s DIY Irish Rose Wreath!  Oh, and find somebody Irish to kiss =)