diy shelf tags

Get Organized with DIY Shelf Labels

If there’s one department I’m seriously lacking in, it’s organization…I’m constantly re-arranging and searching for ways to organize & de-clutter.  The problem is that I’m so bad at organizing, most of the time I end up with a bigger mess than I started with!  It’s super frustrating.  Now that I have the Picklee shop, it’s really forced me to search out organizing solutions that really WORK.  A couple weeks ago, I was faced with the challenge of creating a display for our fabulous aromatherapy collection (if you’re not familiar, it’s an amazing collection of essential oils used for healing from within).  I tossed around lots of ideas until I came up with a thought to create DIY shelf tags using just clothes pins and cardboard! 

These worked perfectly for my display, but they would be great for organizing shelves at home to! Think shoes, clothes, toys, cleaning solutions, toiletries…everything!


DIY Clothes Pin Tags

I started out with a few strips of cardboard, cut from some boxes I had laying around.  First, I created labels for each of the products and printed them all out on heavy weight paper (regular copy paper will do too), my labels were 3″ L x 2″ W.


Next, I cut out a piece of cardboard (3″L x 2″W) for each of my labels….


After every was cut, I used just a bit of hot glue to attach a cardboard back onto each tag.

Using the hot glue again, I attached the clothes pins to my self (one for each tag)…

Simply open up the pin and insert your tags!  This is great because you can change out your tags anytime as needed!

Here’s how the entire display turned out! 

I needed some of that stress relief essential oil after tackeling this project ;)


crown molding shoe rack

Crown Molding Shoe Rack {DIY}

I’m sure I’m not alone on my CONSTANT search for more closet space…every single available square inch counts in a woman’s closet–right??  So of course, whenever I find space saving solutions (for shoes or clothing) you better believe I’m all over it. Over the recent months, I’ve seen many variations on these crown molding shoe racks, and they always look very fabulous and simple!  So this simple shoe organizing solution has been on my never ending list of “things to make” for quite some time.  This past weekend, I finally got around to making my own crown molding shoe rack and I absolutely love the way it looks (and it was ridiculously easy to make too).  First, here’s a couple of the crown molding shoe racks that inspired me…

 (via apartment therapy)

(via indulgy)

Now, here’s my take on the Crown Molding Shoe Rack

Crown Molding Shoe Rack {DIY}

Select the crown molding of your choice at your local hardware store.  Decide on the length of your shoe racks and use a chop saw to cut (or have the nice staff at the hardware store cut  the molding into lengths for you;))

Paint the moldings to the color of your choice.  I chose a pale yellow. Simply mount the strips of molding to the wall using anchors and long screws.  That’s it, simple as can be!  Just think about all the space cleared up for new shoes now ;)




DIY Wheeling Storage Crate {your pick}

Remember Colleen?  She sent in the fabulous Urban Chic Polka Dot Table…well we are in for another treat!  Today Colleen shares a simple & clever DIY using an old crate she picked up at a local flea market.  Simply clean the crate and attach wheels for your very own wheeling vintage storage crate–instant, rustic chic organization.  Don’t ya just love these up-cycled creations?!

Colleen (of Farmhill Furniture & Salvage) shares the story of how she remedied growing paper clutter, and turned a mess into a rustic chic mobile file organizer…

Colleen writes, “…basically just make sure the crate is good, sturdy and clean. Grab your tools and supplies supplies and tools, small wheels or casters and screws that FIT the holes in your wheels and a screwdriver…

…I got my wheels at a local flea market but a salvage yard or a hardware store will have them too…

…the wheels went in with great ease, especially since the crate is older.  I eyeballed lining up the wheels but you could make chalk marks and measure (with a ruler) if you want to. It was easy and fun!”

  Share your thoughts and rate Colleen’s Wheeling Storage Crate below!

15 upcycle and organize solutions

Inspiration to Organize {Using Up-Cycled Materials}

I don’t know about you, but when things around me are cluttered & out of place, my mind just feels cluttered too {as I compose this from a desk spilling over with fabric swatches, & craft supplies in a room full of furniture waiting to be re-purposed…the irony!}  I constantly find myself looking for new ways to organize the mass of things I seem to accumulate; which brings me to today’s post on organizing solutions.  Fifteen organization solutions using re-purposed & up-cycled materials, in true Picklee fashion of course!

Here they are, 15 of my favorite organizing solutions using re-purposed and up-cycled materials!

This minimalist bookshelf looks fabulous & can be made simply by painting and mounting strips of reclaimed wood to the wall.  Customize the size of the bookshelf by mounting a few strips to the wall and adding longer shelves!

Old drawers laying around?  Screw some casters (can be found at any hardware store) to the bottom and push them under your bed for an instant under-the-bed storage solution!

These old faucet handles can be found at just about any antique supply store.  These old guys double can easily double as coat hooks; just paint them in funky colors and mount them to the wall

Bookcases can be benches too!  Take any old (or new, ie. the Ikea Expedit) bookcase and mount legs to the bottom then throw a cushion and some pillows on top-instant custom bench with storage

Sometimes I swear there’s a hairpin fairy that comes at night and steels these little guys…where do they ever disappear to!?  Contain your hairpins to one spot (or at least try) by mounting a magnetic strip to the inside of a cabinet, or wherever else is convenient

Put an end to the madness in your cleaning supply cabinet!  Organize your cleaning supplies by mounting a dowel on the inside to hang bottles, easy access and double the space!

These old milk crates are so rustic chic, and you can find them at just about any flea market.  Stack them up for fun, rustic storage solution

Mount an old window shutter to the wall for mail storage!

We all have old picture frames laying around, paint a few in coordinating colors, and add some hooks & wire for a chic jewelry storage solution

We’re back to using those old drawers again!  Mount one of those bad larry’s to the wall for a sweet storage solution!

A fabulous way to organize all those heels that pile up our closets; paint and mount any old or vintage decorative molding to the wall.  Instant space saver (and excuse to by more!)

For all those beauty supplies…hot glue an old candle holder to two plates for double- decker beauty supply organization

Recognize this?  An old silverware organizer re-purposed to hold jewelry, simply add some hook and mount to the wall

Not so much an “upcycled”, but this is a great use of space we all forget about-the space UNDER your cabinets.  Install drawers where your cabinet kick boards would normally be!

You know those big old factory spools?  They make great coffee tables!  Screw some wheels to the bottom and add dowels around the perimeter of the spool for book storage.  This old spool coffee table is super practical & rustic chic!

Share your thoughts on these up-cycled organizing solutions, and feel free to contribute more–Happy Organizing!

green trough sink

Happy Friday-Cheers!

It’s Friday-whew, this calls for a big margarita (the Smashed Lime Skinny of course)! It’s been a long week, we’ve been working on getting our basement finished for a few months now and it seems like every time we start making progress we unveil yet another setback!  I’m feeling like this:

This past week I modified our design again so I guess its partially my fault…but if we are going to do it, I want it done right!  The kicker is that I can design spaces for clients all day long, yet I just never seem to get it right (or be satisfied) with my own!  Anyhow, I’ve eliminated the step of adding a bathroom to our basement, a value adder I know, but I decided that I would get much more use and pleasure out of a fabulous laundry area instead.

Here’s an image of the laundry layout I’ve decided upon:

Love this look, and I’m so excited for all of the storage, especially having exposed apothecary bottles with detergent etc.! Just thinking of one mod, I’m totally thinking of doing a sink like this (it’s just so fun and ideal for laundry!):

Seriously, can you get cuter!?