{DIY} Re-Purpose Your Old, Outdated Jewelry

It seems like every few months I retire old, trendy jewelry {and things I’ve just grown tired of} to the back of my jewelry box.  Luckily it’s all just fun, costume jewelry, so nothing that will break the bank, but it still kills me to just let it all go to waste.  Well, lately I’ve been drooling over the Color Rhapsody collection by Pree Brulée {specifically their earrings}.  So rather than over indulge in more trendy jewelry, I’ve decided to up-cycle & repupose some old peices of mine to recreate that bold, bright look I’ve been craving. 

Okay ladies, I know you all have something that looks like this laying around…..

There’s no use in stashing this stuff in the back of your jewelry box, you know you’ll never wear it.  I turned this pile of clutter into six amazing sets of earrings.  To do this, all I used was a pair of jewelry wire cutters, and earring findings {pins & ear hooks}

For the first pair, I took apart an old orange bracelet and an outdated pair of chandelier earrings.  After playing around with different color combinations, I simply strung the beads onto the pin…

Once I had the beads on the pin, I used my wire cutters to bend the pin down to secure the beads-at this point I looped on the earring hook too.

Here was the finished product, my up-cycled creamy orange & white beaded earrings (inspired by Pree Brulée)

 There was no stopping me at this point…this was too much fun, watching jewelry I had written off turn into something I would pay top dollar for!  I live for this stuff!  Here are the rest of my up-cycled earrings!

I was so happy with the way these all turned out!  I can’t wait to rock them this weekend =)

birds nest necklace diy 1

DIY Wrapped Wire {Birds Nest} Necklace

I’ve noticed lots of wrapped wire jewelry lately and I just love how sweet and delicate it looks.  All of the wrapped wire (or birds nest) necklaces that I’ve seen have come with a pretty hefty price tag (that they certainly look worthy of)…but we can fix that!  The bird’s nest style necklaces actually very simple to make on your own.  You can create them in any variety of colored, glass or stone beads.  Consider using birth stone colors for birthdays, or children’s birth stones, for a super thoughtful Mother’s Day gift.

 For this project, I decided to use silver wire and a mix of glass and copper beads to make two different styles of the birds nest necklace.

**Update** Your can now purchase your own custom made birds nest necklace on Etsy at Picks by Picklee!

Learn how to make you own Birds Nest Necklace with this DIY!

Gather up:

Beads of your choice (3-4)

20-24 gauge beading wire

Necklace chain of your choice

Jump Ring

Wire snips


Select your beads, it’s best to use 3-4 small beads.  Any type of bead will work, but glass beads, pearls, and stone beads work great with this necklace.  Using 20-24 gauge beading wire, string on the beads– continue to wrap the wire until nest reaches desired fullness.

Leave an extra one to two inches of wire at the end nest for wrapping around your birds nest.  Wrap the wire tightly to secure the nest, then tuck the wire into the back. You may choose to wrap the nest on 1, 2 or 3 places, this is a matter of preference.  To illustrate, I did one nest with three wraps and another nest with just one; both options look great.

 Attach a small jump ring to one of the wrap-arounds on the nest; make sure the jump ring size will work with your chosen necklace strand.

Simply string the necklace strand through the jump ring and enjoy your fabulous birds nest necklace!  Remember these great DIY necklaces next time your pondering a thoughtful gift idea!

hemp and sea glass bead bracelet

DIY Hemp & Sea Glass Bracelet

Earlier, I posted the DIY Hemp and Pearl Bracelet, which I absolutely love!  Another material that I cannot get enough of is sea glass.  I think sea glass is simply pure and beautiful, and using sea glass in jewelry is so crisp & refreshing.  Check out this gorgeous Hemp and Sea Glass Bracelet, along with a super simple DIY!

Whip up this Hemp and Sea Glass Bracelet on your own with this DIY!

Cut three strands of thin (natural polished) hemp, approx 28-32″ in length.  Loop a large stone or button style toggle around the end of the three strands.  Tighten toggle, then tie all three strands together at the end.

Begin to braid the three stands together, string a piece of seaglass on down alternating strands every 1/4″ or so.  Continue this until you reach come to approx. 2″ of sting at the end.  Tie a knot to secure the end of the braid.

Using the remaining 2″ of hemp, tie a loop small enough to fasten the toggle you chose. You should be left with a beaded hemp braid long enough to wrap 3-4 times around your wrist.  Enjoy your fabulous new hemp and sea glass bracelet!

Azimuth Seafoam Crystal Bracelet

Obsessed With Color Rhapsody

I’ve got warm weather on my mind after my latest post about Paperwhite Narcissus, so now that I’ve officially spent the entire night combing the web for new spring accessories-I’ve found a new obsession.  I’m feeling bright, exotic colors this year and the new Color Rhapsody line from Pree Brulée makes my heart sing.  All of their accessories are carefully curated, edgy and one-of-a kind.  Oh yeah, and they’re totally affordable, somebody stop me.
Here are some of my favorite pieces…

Pree Brulée -Mint Handbag

Pree Brulée – Rio de Janeiro Earrings

Pree Brulée -Romanov Bangles

Pree Brulée -Aurelie Turquoise Earrings 

Pree Brulée -Azimuth Seafoam Crystal Bracelet

Pree Brulée -Peach Keeper Earrings

Pree Brulée -Camel Mint Handbag

Pree Brulée -Sentimental Necklace in Rose 

Blue Frosted Earrings

Pree Brulée -Gauguin Earrings

Okay, I’m done drooling now, but Pree Brulée definitely gets my top pick for jewelry this season.  In fact, with Valentines Day approaching, I say I owe myself a little gift, and I encourage all women to so the same…because YOU ARE FABULOUS.

hemp and pearl bracelet

DIY Hemp & Pearl Bracelet

This pearl hemp bracelet is so simple to make and it looks stunning!  Wow, a surprisingly glamorous twist on the standard knotted hemp bracelet!  Make this bracelet yourself in two simple steps!

Don’t stop here, try making this gorgeous sea glass hemp bracelet too!

Creating the pearl hemp bracelet couldn’t be easier:

Start by combining 4-5 strings of hemp, tie them together.  Be sure to measure for enough hemp (a good rule is 2 times your wrist size, you can always make it smaller if need be).

String three pearls onto three different strands.  Tie a knot, repeat.  Continue until you reach the end of the bracelet.  Leave enough space at the end to tie the bracelet once it’s on your wrist.  You can also make a toggle style clasp.  My DIY for the hemp and sea glass bracelet explains how to make the toggle style clasp.