the tangerine bead strand bracelet

Tangerine Bead Strand Bracelet [DIY]

When it comes to jewelry (especially bracelets), my motto has always been “simple is better”.  I really don’t like the feeling (and sound!) of clunky pieces clanging together on my wrists… I’m not really a costume jewelry girl either, when I put on a piece of jewelry it usually stays on until it I either get really sick of it or it falls off…partly because I’m not the best at “accessorizing”, but mostly because I get so busy I just forget!  That being said, I’m really loving the string jewelry right now.  It looks so simple & classic, and the best part for me of course is that you barely know you’re wearing it!  I created today’s DIY bracelet with this trend in mind…here it is, the Tangerine Bead Strand Bracelet

The Tangerine Bead Strand Bracelet [DIY]

For this DIY string & bead bracelet, you will need embroidery string (color of your choice, there’s a million options!), 6-8 tiny beads (of your choice), and a metal finding post. 

First, slide your beads onto the metal finding post…

Secure the beads onto the post by using jewelry pliers to roll the end of the finding into a loop.  Keep in mind that you will need two loops on either side of the finding to slide the string through.

Cut two pieces of string in equal lengths (each of mine were approx. 10″).  Then slide them through either end of the finding.  There should be extra string length so that you have enough string to tie the bracelet around your wrist.

That’s all folks!  Your bead strand bracelet is complete!  Simply tie it around your wrist, trim the extra string and your done!

The possibilities for variations on this bracelet are virtually limitless! Here’s another variation on the DIY Bead Strand Bracelet…

Oh, and if you like that blue & gold chain wrap bracelet click here to learn how to make it!

ribbon wrapped chain bracelet

Ribbon Wrapped Chain Bracelet {diy}

I love the understated glam vibe of the woven chain link bracelets that are so big right now.  I’ve purchased a few of these bracelets in simple black and gold in the past, and every time I looked at them I couldn’t help but think, “I bet I make something JUST like this”.  Not the first time I’ve had that thought ;)… So while at the craft store one day, I decided to pick up a strand of gold chain link.  I knew I already had the perfect coral colored ribbon to use with it at home.  If you haven’t noticed, coral is one of my absolute favorite colors right now (that, along with mint!).  I got home and went to work on my ribbon wrapped chain bracelet, check out the end result…

Here’s how to make it…

Ribbon Wrapped Chain Bracelet {diy}



gold finish chain link strand with clasp (mine was approx. 18″ long so that it could be wrapped twice)

thin fabric ribbon (color of your choice)


Secure the ribbon tightly to one end of the bracelet.  You can put a tab of glue on the knot to keep it in place too.  Trim the extra fabric off the end of the knot.

Roll out the ribbon and cut it according to the length of your chain.  Make sure to add extra length since you will be weaving it through the chain (I added an extra 10″ to my ribbon length to be safe). Use a piece of tape to roll the end of the ribbon into a point.  This will make it easier to weave in and out of the chain link.

Start weaving the ribbon in and out of the chain link.  Be sure to keep the ribbon to only one side of the chain.

When you arrive at the end of the chain, tie off the ribbon the same way you did from the start.  Again,you can use a dab of glue to make sure it’s nice and secure.  Trim the excess ribbon.

Enjoy your thrifty & fabulous new ribbon wrapped chain bracelet!

**Update!  I couldn’t get enough of this bracelet, so I made a bunch more in various colors!  Here’s one wrapped with a minty green/blue ribbon, the possibilities are endless!

Simple step by step instructional!

diy ribbon chain bracelet


neck tie bracelet diy

Recycled Neck Tie Bracelets {DIY}

Some of you might remember a “your picks” feature about a shop in Newport, RI that makes bracelets out of recycled neck ties.  This always struck me as an amazing way to up-cycle such a common item.  I knew I wanted to attempt to make some of these myself at some point.  I found the perfect opportunity when I came across a bunch of my grandfather’s old neckties in a recent cleaning of his “beach house”.  Looking at his old ties brought back some wonderful memories, so it only seemed natural that I use them to make something beautiful.  I selected a couple bright, fun prints to use for the bracelets; I figured the more fun I could make the bracelets, the better!  I got home and started experimenting with the process, and it actually turned out pretty simple. Here’s my DIY for Recycled Neck Tie Bracelets

Recycled Neck Tie Bracelet {DIY}


one old neck tie

one button

needle & thread


Cut the end of the tie to size, incorporating the skinny pointed end of the tie.  Measure your wrist, then add approx. 1 1/2″ to make room for the button closure. Fold over the end and stitch it up so that it’s a clean end.

Using a needle and thread, attach your button to the newly stitched up end of your tie.

Cut a small vertical slice on the pointed end of the tie bracelet, just large enough for your button to slip through.  I used a larger button, so my cut was approx. 3/4″.  Be careful not to cut the slit too close to the tip of the tie, this will cause it to break!

Using the needle and thread, stitch around the outer edge of the slit so that you have a nice, clean edge.  This will stop the cut from coming lose at any points.

Your neck tie bracelet is now complete!

string earrings

String Wrapped Earrings {DIY}

Up-cycling old jewelry is so much fun!  I’m constantly finding fun pieces that inspire me, but rather than splurge on a trend that I’ll be sick of in a month, I’d much rather look through my old jewelry for something I can transform & up-cycle.  You might remember some of my up-cycled creations from the past like the beach bubble ring and necklace; same idea this time, just a different piece of old jewelry!  You all remember those outdated hoop earrings we wore a few years back?  Yea. Those.  I had about 15 pairs in various colors and sizes so it was about time I find a use for them!  This was one of the easiest jewelry projects I’ve done in a long time…here they are, the String Wrapped Earrings

String Wrapped Earrings {DIY}


one old pair of hoop earrings

two spools of thread (pick two of your favorite contrasting colors)

clear drying glue (any light paste glue will work)


Remember these?  Grab an old pair, any size will work:

Select two colors of thread (one main color, and one accent color) and any type of paste-like glue, I used Mod Podge, but anything light will work. 

Apply a very light layer of glue to the earring, just to keep the string in place.

Wrap your main thread color around the entire earring, make sure to fill in all open spaces!  Once you’ve covered the earring with the thread, apply another very light layer of glue.  Wrap your accent thread color around two or three spots on the earring. 

You’re done!

wire bracelet

Wire Heart Bracelet {DIY}

I recently purchased a big roll of 16 gauge soft copper wire at the craft store, not necessarily knowing what I would do with it, I just figured I’d put it to good use…well, it’s been a couple weeks and I just finished up creation number two with the wire!  My first creation with the copper wire was the Looped Metal Bracelet, which I totally love! For my next piece, I wanted to continue with a similar basic, “no frills” look, so I decided to turn the copper wire into an adjustable cuff style bracelet!  This was my first time making an entire piece of jewelry out of wire, so I wasn’t really sure what to expect.  After about a half hour of twisting and shaping, I had my completed Wire Heart Bracelet! I was really shocked at how simple and quick this process turned out to be =)

The Wire Heart Bracelet {DIY}

Start with a roll of 16 gauge flexible copper wire, you can purchase this at any craft store.  For this project, you will also need a hammer and jewelry pliers (and wire cutters if they’re not already integrated into your jewelry pliers).

The next step is super simple.  Using wire cutters, cut the copper wire to your desired length (measure your wrist first).  Then use your jewelry pliers to twist and shape the wire into a bracelet shape.  You will need to bend one end of the bracelet into a tiny circle (as shown in the image below), and the other end into a heart shape.

To create the heart shape, pull down on one portion of the wire, approx 2″ from the end (this will be the dip in your heart), then fold down the remaning piece to become the side of the heart.  Once your heart reach your desired heart shape, your done!

Try making this bracelet in other styles too!  Instead of a heart, try shaping the bracelet into a twist, an short word, or really jut about anything!


looped metal bracelet

Looped Metal Bracelet {DIY}

Anthropologie is just plain awesome. I find myself checking in constantly for updates on the latest jewelrey trends. They have such beautifully simple pieces, in fact some of my favorite pieces of jewelry, like the Beach Bubble Necklace, we modeled after things found at Anthropologie.  Well, while purusing the Anothropologie site the other night, I came across another fabulous piece, the Looped Light Bracelet…here it is…

Of course, after seeing this bracelet my first thoughts were- I CAN MAKE THIS!  So I made a few modifications to better suit my taste and ended up with my Looped Metal Bracelet…

The Looped Metal Bracelet {DIY}

Gather up come copper wire (I used 16 gauge) and some leather cord.

Cut a piece of copper wire approx.4 inches long.  Use a small hammer to flatten the piece of wire and give it that “hammered” metal look.  Be sure to put it on top of a surface you don’t mind denting before you hammer!  The metal will make an indent in whatever it’s on top of!

 After the metal has been hammered, use jewelry pliers to shape it into a loop.  Close off the ends together by squeezing them together tightly.

Attach a piece of the leather cord to the loop.  Measure the cord to a bit over two times your wrist size so that you can wrap it twice around your wrist.  Loop the cord onto that metal piece tightly so it’s secure.

You can stop at this point and simply lie the other end of the cord to the loop to secure it to your wrist.  Or you can hammer another piece of the wire into a stright piece and tie it to the opposit end, make a toggle style clasp-this is the method I chose.

the beach bubble necklace

The Beach Bubble Necklace {DIY}

By now, you’re probably aware of my love of simple, natural jewelry, and of course anything turquoise.  So naturally, I was in love when I discovered I could create the Beach Bubble Ring by up-cycling old jewelry I had laying around the house.  Feeling inspired by the warm weather ahead, and armed with more broken old jewelry, I decided to create simple and fabulous Up-cycled Beach Bubble Necklace.


The Up-Cycled Beach Bubble Necklace {DIY}

 For this necklace, you will need a thin necklace chain, a few inches of 20 gauge silver wire, a medium size bead of your choice (I used a tumbled turquoise bead), and a hammered silver circle (this piece is optional)

Insert a silver finding into the bead, use jewelry pliers to secure it with a loop at the top.  Using the silver wire, secure it onto the finding, then simply wrap it around the top of the bead.  Slide your necklace chain through the loop you made with the finding and enjoy your new up-cycled necklace!

metal can-two-tier-platter-organizer

The Swanky Two-Tier Organizer {DIY}

Today I concluded that I was sick and tired of my makeup table looking like tornado stricken cosmetic store… and I know I’m not alone on this one!  I needed a simple (and fabulous!) solution for keeping my cosmetics looking orderly without  hiding them away after every use.  Mission:  Create a great organization solution using up-cycled and discarded materials… the result, The Swanky Two-Tier Organizer.  Mission accomplished.

The Swanky Two-Tier Organizer {DIY}

Gather up one metal can (remove the wrapper), and two old plates of your preference (one a bit larger than the other).  I used two vintage silver platters simply because I have a ridiculous abundance of them.

Use a hot glue gun to apply glue to the outer edge of the can.  Secure the can to the center of the larger plate.

Using the hot glue gun again, apply glue to the outer edge of the bottom of the can.  Secure the smaller plate to the can.

It’s that simple!  There are endless options for the use of this platter (jewelry organizer, pastry platter, etc.) as well as a million style variations.  You might try painting the can a fun color, using funky plates, adding more tiers…endless potential I tell you!


The Up-cycled Beach Bubble Ring {DIY}

It’s no surprise that I’m a total sucker for anything beach related. Especially if it’s natural and turquoise (one of my all time favorite colors). I’ve never been into bold, flashy jewelry…in my opinion, the more natural and understated my jewelry is, the better. So I found this gorgeous turquoise & wire wrapped ring while browsing online recently and I knew I had to have (or make) it. Jewelry making isn’t usually my specialty, but I was feeling up for a challenge so I went for the make it option. Why you ask? Mainly because I have a bajillion beads and wire left over from my last upcycled jewelry project, and because I have no patience and wanted the ring that night (shocker)…so here’s the inspiration followed by my creation, which I’ve named The Beach Bubble Ring =)

I am in love with the way my wire wrapped turquoise ring turned out. I think I like it even better than the inspiration just because it has a more natural, organic vibe. Follow the steps below to make your very own Beach Bubble Ring!

Select your materials. I used a piece of 20 gauge wire (approx. 6″ long) and another small piece of wire left over from an old pair of hoop earrings (approx. 4″ long). For the stone, I selected a tumbled glass turquoise stone from an old necklace (approx. the size of a dime).

Thread the wire through the bead and wrap it around the bead multiple times.  You may need jewelry pliers for this.  I wrapped the wire three times around the stone, but you may do more-this is a matter of preference.  See my Wire Wrapped Birds Nest Necklace tutorial for even more details on wrapping wire.

Using the jewelry pliers again, wrap the second (smaller) piece of wire around one side of the wire wrapped stone to secure it.  Pull the wire across the back of the ring and wrap it around the opposite side of the wire wrapped stone, make sure to leave enough extra space for your finger to fit.

Cut of the excess wire once both sides of the ring are securely wrapped and you’ve left the right amount of space for your finger.

Enjoy your new Beach Bubble Ring!

upcycled neck tie bracelet

Upcycled Necktie Bracelet {Your Pick}

Today’s fabulous “your pick” comes from Rachel, the owner of Green Envy Eco-Boutique in Newport, RI.  Everything sold in Rachel’s shop is either organic, fair trade, or eco-friendly, so naturally she love to create things using discarded and upcycled materials.  One of Rachel’s favorite items are these bracelets she created using reclaimed neckties and vintage buttons.

Rachel shares the story of how she arrived at the idea for her neck tie bracelets,

“Each bracelet is completely one of a kind. Other pieces of the ties are used to create stretch headbands and pouches for coins or cell phones. I started making them because a customer donated about 100 of her husbands ties since he has just retired. I stared at them for a couple of days before the bracelet idea struck me. Now they’re a best seller at Green Envy. We get a lot of donations of odds and ends from customers who would rather not throw away their unwanted items…”

What a wonderful way to save eliminate waste & upcycle discarded ties!  Keep up the good work Rachel!

 Rate Rachel’s creation and share your thoughts below!