DIY Baby BOO Black Tie Pumpkins [Halloween Tutorial]

Are you all ready for the Trick-or-Treater’s on Thursday?  I must admit, Halloween is one of my favorite nights of the year.  If I could still get away with dressing up and collecting candy and Halloween treats door to door I definitely still would!  Oh well, at least I get to eat all the leftover candy I buy for my neighborhood kiddos =)   Every year I like to try something different with pumpkins, besides the obvious carvings.  This year, I bought a bunch of little white Baby Boo Pumpkins, which also happened to be the place cards at my wedding-here’s a photo of one of them, more wedding photos to come!

white pumpkin wedding placecard

After the wedding, I was left with lots of Baby Boo pumpkins, so I decided to dress some of them up in black and white!  These little guys looked so chic after their makeover, I dubbing them the “Black Tie Pumpkins“!


Baby BOO Black Tie Pumpkins

Gather up:

a few baby white pumpkins

Deco Art’s Glamour Dust in Black Ice

One small paint brush


Use a small paint brush to fill in every other ridge on the pumpkin with the black glitter paint.  The ridges on the pumpkin make it super easy to stay in the lines =)

I LOVE the way the Glamour Dust paint glitters in the sun!


Allow the pumpkins to dry for a couple hours and there you have it, glamorous black tie pumpkins!

This is a super simple Halloween project to do with the kids =)


Don’t eat too much candy!

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diy painted books

Old Painted Books for the Valentine’s Mantle Display [DIY]

To warm up the house a bit for Valentine’s Day, I made these great faux antique glass candle holders to put on my fireplace mantle…but I knew I wanted to add a little more to the vignette.  I don’t like to go all out with pink and red Valentine’s decor scattered around the house (I’m really just not into the color pink), but I figured one little splash of it wouldn’t hurt!  I completely obsessed with elephants, and I got these amazing white lacquer elephant bookends as a gift recently…I knew I wanted to display them on my mantel, but I wanted to use books that had a nice, clean look.  I had nothing of that sort in my house…so I decided to create it!  I used basic, old books and simply painted the spines!  I love the way my old painted books turned out!

Creating this romantic Valentine’s mantle display was literally the easiest project ever…

Old Painted Books DIY

I started out with three vintage books that I didn’t mind painting, a little coral pink acrylic paint, and a number stamp

Next, I used a small paint brush to brush the paint onto just the spine of the books…

To tie the books together, and add a little extra detail, I decided to use a stamp to number each book, 1, 2 & 3…Once the coral pink paint dried, I applied a light coat of white mixed with silver paint to the stamp and stamped each book…

Here’s the books stamped with their numbers….

That’s it! Here’s how the books now look on my romantic Valentine’s mantle!

These DIY Painted books are part of our 10 Minute Transformation Series!

diy painted books

Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!


Romantic Faux Antique Glass + Giveaway [Valentine’s DIY]

Like it or not, the most romantic day of the year is approaching!  With just a few short days left before Valentine’s Day arrives, why not add a little romantic touch to spark up some romance at home?  In my opinion, there’s nothing more romantic than a little candle light…just add some Norah Jones and a bottle of wine and now we’re really talking ;)  Hint, Hint to all the men out there that say they’re not the “mushy” type…it doesn’t take that much!

Today’s DIY will help you create that subtle Valentine’s ambiance in your home on a dime…you’ll even have a chance to win a special something for yourself too ;)

DIY Faux Antique Glass [Valentines DIY]

Grab some basic glass pieces, I picked up two round votives and two glass candle sticks from my local dollar store for under five dollars.

Next, apply a messy coat (yes, I said messy, this paint job should not look perfect since we are aiming for the antique look) of gold metallic paint.  I used Americana Gloss Enamels Paint in Glorious Gold.  Americana Paints are should be available at your local craft store.

Once the gold paint has dried, apply a very light, messy coat of silver metallic paint over it.  Don’t cover all of the gold, try to leave some gold spots showing.  For this step, I used Americana’s Silver Sage Metallic paint.

Once the silver coat has dried, use steel wool to rough up the painted surface on the glass.  Allow some of the clear glass to peak through, make for a beautiful effect once you have candles lit inside the votives.

Once you get the glass looking nice and old & scratchy, it’s time to add the candles!  Light em’ up, dim the lights and crack open a bottle of wine…bring on the romance!

Now it’s my turn to share a little love with all of you!  In honor of the most romantic day of the year, our good friends at Deco Art offered up this fabulous Valentine’s Day paint package!  Just in time to create some romantic V-day crafts!

Enter to win this wonderful package!

1. Leave a comment below telling us your favorite part about Valentine’s Day.

2. Like Picklee on a social platform you don’t already like us on, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, then tell us you did so in your comment below!

A winner will randomly be selected announced tomorrow, so stay tuned!

Good luck!


The winner has been selected!  Congratulations to Samantha Ellis of Petersburg, VA!  You will receive this fabulous Valentine’s Day paint package from Americana Paints!



christmas treat bag printable template

Holiday Treat Bag [DIY + Free Printable]

I love to bake, especially around Christmas time!  Every year, I usually spend the entire Christmas Eve, “Eve” (Dec. 23) baking mass amounts of Christmas cookies & candies…I love packaging them up into goody bags and giving them out to friends and family.  The thing is, sometimes I have just as much fun (if not more) making the packaging for my Christmas treats!  This year, I found a great printable online that I altered a bit to go perfectly with any Christmas treat package.  Here’s how my Christmas treat bags turned out!

This Christmas treat package was super simple to make.  All you need is a package of clear cellophane bags and a color printer!  Once you load up your goody bags with treats, you simple fold the bag topper in half and staple it to the bag! 

Here’s the template so that you can create your own treat bag topper!  Customize the topper by typing in your own home-baked Christmas sweets!

Seasons Eatings Christmas Treat Bag Template- by Picklee  [click to open in Word!]

Happy baking! Ho, Ho, Ho!


Paper Mache Newsprint Ornaments [DIY]

One of my favorite things about Christmas is setting up the tree and admiring all the ornaments I’ve collected through the years.  Most of my ornaments have either come from places I’ve visited or bring back special memories.  This year, I decided to make a few of my own ornaments after I discovered these amazing Newsprint ornaments on Terrain

After falling in love with these ornaments, I figured I might be able to make my own DIY version!  I ended up creating a few different ornaments, but the first was the funky flamingo!  So I started off with a simple paper mache recipe:  3 parts flour to one part water, and a dash of salt.

Next, I added a bit of paint to give the flamingo it’s pink color.  I used a transparent gloss enamel paint by Deco Art because I wanted to be sure the newsprint on my flamingo would show through, all while keeping it’s signiture pink color.  I slowly mixed in the paint until I arrived at the perfect pink color…is it true that flamingos are pink because they eat shrimp?  I’ve always wondered….??

Next, I used 16 gauge wire to create my flamingo body…this took a bit of time to get it just right…

I stuffed a little paper inside the flamingo’s belly to keep it’s shape! Next, I cut newspaper into small strips to get it ready for the paper mache…

To apply the newsprint to the flamingo, I dipped it into my flour, water and paint mixture then simply stuck it onto the flamingo’s body…

I applied two coats of newspaper to the flamingo then let it sit out and dry for about two hours.   He looked great after this, but I decided he needed a bit more color, so I used the Americana transparent gloss paint again and brushed on a very light coat.

My flamingo ornament turned out so great, I decided I would make a few more animal ornaments to go along with him!  I ended up making a whale, seahorse, and a silly octopus…these are the colors used to create them (by Deco Art, Americana):

Here are the rest of my Newsprint ornaments!

Which newsprint ornament is your favorite?

Feeling extra creative?  Check out Deco Art Paint’s 12 Days of Christmas for many more Christmas ornament ideas using their paints!

You can find these ornaments available for purchase at Picklee on Spring!


Pumpkin teeth-ghost poop

Pumpkin Teeth & Ghost Poop! {Halloween DIY}

Halloween is such a fun time of year…not just because we get to dress up and eat lots of candy…but also because it’s one of the only times of year we can go crazy with silly/spooky decor and it’s totally acceptable!  I haven’t gotten too deep into the Halloween decorating yet, but I’ve started with a few small Halloween crafts around the house.  Halloween just isn’t complete without the infamous sugary little orange striped cones-candy corn!  So to get into the Halloween spirit, I picked up a couple of bags of candy corn the other night.  I wanted to come up with a different way to display them this year…here’s what I came up with!

PS. For another fun Halloween project, check out these Nylon Pumpkins too!


I had a couple extra canisters laying around, so I decided to fill them with some Halloween treats…I used candy corn and mini marshmallows, then hung silly chalkboard tags around the them for fun!  I still can’t hold back the smile each time a walk by these!

Pumpkin Teeth & Ghost Poop Halloween Candy Jars…

I started out by cutting out two small pieces of cardboard, then painting them with a quick coat of chalk paint (in CeCe Caldwell, Vermont Slate).  My new favorite chalk paint is CeCe Caldwell’s Chalk & Clay paint, it’s 100% natural with no chemicals, VOC’s, etc.  This paint comes in so many fun colors, and it applies like a dream :)

Once the chalk paint dried, I used a pair of scissors to poke holes in the corners of the chalk squares.  Then I thread a piece of twine through the holes, so that I could hang the mini chalk boards around the jars.

Using chalk, I scribbled “pumpkin teeth” and “ghost poop” on the tags, and viola!  Fun Halloween treat jars!

chic pumpkin decorating

Pumpkins Galore! 12 Unique Pumpkin Projects {inspiration}

As Halloween slowly creeps up on us (no pun intended!), I’ve started searching for some unique ways I can decorate/carve pumpkins this year.  Of course jack-o-lanterns and ghost carvings will always have their place, I just think there’s always room for something new and exciting…plus, who says pumpkins can’t be chic?  I’ve pulled together some great inspiration for decorating pumpkins this year, so sit back with a Spiked Cider Spritzer (or a slice of pumpkin spice cake!) and soak up the pump-kin-spration…here goes!

PS. I’m LOVING white pumpkins this year, can you tell?


Unripened Pumpkins on a Mantle (bhg)

Black & White Ric Rac Pumpkins (Eddie Ross)

Gold Gilding Painted Pumpkins (country living)

Mini Pumpkin Votive (country living)

Stunning White Painted Pumpkins (camillestyles)

Pattern Painted Pumpkins (country living)

The “strength in numbers” effect, white pumpkins up stairway…

Silver Metallic Painted Pumpkins & Fabric Covered Pumpkins (johnny in a dress)

Nail Head Studded Pumpkins (coastal living)

Moon Hole Punch Pumpkin (country living)

Black & White Stenciled Pumpkins

Carved Flame Pumpkins (country living)

nylon pumpkins

Up-cycled Nylon Pumpkins [DIY]

I just started to dig into my Fall decor…don’t you just love this time of year? I can never get enough of the crisp air, warm apple cider, pumpkin pie, the list goes on!  So as I was going through last year’s Fall decor, I figured it might be fun to make something different and up-cycled this year.  The question was, what could I create for Fall using materials that I already had at home?   My mind went straight to pumpkins…and the material?  Nylon Stockings.  The end result were these (super fun to make) funky little Nylon Pumpkins!

Up-Cycled Nylon Pumpkins [DIY]

Gather up a spool of thread and a couple pairs of old nylon stockings, various colors work great (I used tan and purple).

Cut the nylon into pieces, each approx. 6″ in length.

Leaving one end sticking up, pull up the opposite end,creating somewhat of a cup.  Think of it as an upside-down mushroom.

Using pillow stuffing (or really any type of filling), stuff around the inside of the cup you created with the nylon stocking.  Be sure to keep the end you pulled through sticking up.

Using your thread, tie up the top of the filling stocking.  Leave approx. 1/4-1/2″, this will become the pumpkins stem!

Next, spin the thread up and around the stem of the pumpkin, just to get the top into that stem like shape.  Then bring the thread back down the stem and wrap it once around the body of the pumpkin.  Spin the thread around the stem again, then wrap it around the body of the pumpkin again in a different spot.  Continue wrapping the thread around the body of the pumpkin a few more times (pulling tight) so that you create the groves in the pumpkin.

Once you’ve finished wrapping the thread around the pumpkin, tie up the thread back around the stem.

At the point, you can finish off the stem however you would like.  One option is coloring the stem in with brown marker to give it a natural look….

Or, you could wrap and glue a piece of bright colored ribbon around it…

This tuned out to be such a fun project, and I’m more than pleased with the way my nylon pumpkins turned out!


lavish white hydrangea coffee filter wreath

The Lavish White “faux” Hydrangea Wreath {DIY}

A new season is upon us, and so is my need for a new front door wreath.  As I sat and pondered over what type of wreath to make for the warm weather days ahead, I had two things in mind…I wanted it to look cheery, simple & fresh.  Oh, and one of my all time favorite flowers is the hydrangea.  Then it came to me,  a wreath of nothing but simple, white hydrangeas…and to keep it “up-cycled” I will make it using coffee filters!  Coffee filters a great for crafts, especially making different types of paper flowers.  The paper flower technique I used in my Lavish White Hydrangea Wreath is definitely one of my favorites, check out the making of this fabulous “faux” hydrangea wreath below.

Making the Lavish White Paper Hydrangea Wreath

Gather up a woven branch wreath (I found mine at the Dollar Store), a stack of coffee filters (you will need at least 60), and approx. 20-30 wire tie wraps (twisty ties)

Stack three coffee filters on top of each other, begin to fold them in an accordion fashion, they will look like this when you are finished folding…

Use the twisty tie to cinch the folded coffee filters in the center. Twist to secure, and be sure to leave enough stack on the end of the twisty tie to secure your flower to the wreath

Pull up the coffee filter on both sides of the twisty tie.  These will become the pedals on the flower.  Arrange the pedals into the shape of a flower.  The finished flower will look something like this…

Continue making the paper hydrangea flowers,  you will need approx. 20 of them, depending on the size of your wreath.  Attach the flowers to your wreath using the twisty ties you left on them.

Enjoy your lavish new White Paper Hydrangea Wreath!

If you enjoyed this coffee filter wreath project, be sure to check out the Pink Dot Valentines Wreath too!


glitz and glam dark chocolate truffles

Glitz & Glam Dark Chocolate Truffles {recipe}

I’ve always been a bit intimidated when it came to making truffles.  I suppose because they look so impressive, I just always assumed they would be difficult to make.  Well, I couldn’t have been more wrong!  I recently agreed to make chocolate truffles for an anniversary party that was “diamond” themed.  I searched through my favorite cook books for a truffle recipe that was delicious & impressive, yet simple enough for a first timer ;)  I have to say, after a few trial and error experiments, I think I finally struck gold!  I ended up slightly modifying a great chocolate truffle recipe from (my favorite) Nordstrom’s cookbook for an amazing delicious and beautiful result, here it is: my Glitz & Glam Dark Chocolate Truffles Recipe…

Glitz & Glam Dark Chocolate Truffle Recipe

Gather Up:

16 oz. good quality dark chocolate, chopped into squares (I used 8 oz. Godiva, 8 oz. Dove)

½ cup heavy whipping cream

½ stick butter

½ tsp. vanilla extract

Melon baller tool

1 package of silver edible glitter flakes and one package of sugar crystals (you can use only one type of coating, I just liked the look of both together)


In a medium sauce pan, bring ½ cup heavy whipping to slight boil, remove from heat.   Add chopped chocolate and butter.  Stir until everything is melted and blended together, add ½ tsp. vanilla.

Pour mixture into a bowl, refrigerate for 24 hours (6 hours at the very least).

Remove mixture from fridge and let stand at room temperature for one hour.

Using the melon baller tool, scoop into the truffle mixture, forming a ball.  You may need to quickly roll the ball of chocolate in your hands to better form each truffle (but remember, they don’t have to be perfect).   I kept a cold glass of water handy to dip the melon baller into (then wipe dry) as the chocolate began to build up on it.  I also had to run my hands under cold water a few times (and dry well) to keep the chocolate from melting in my hands.  After this step, your truffles should look like this…

Once all of the truffles are formed, pour the edible sparkles and sugar crystals onto a dish.  One by one, roll each truffle around in the sparkles and crystals.  I did half of the truffles in sparkles, and half in the sugar crystals.

Keep on rolling!

Arrange the completed truffles on a lovely platter and prepare to completely wow you guests =)