beach wood-iron rustic table-diy

Rustic Wood & Iron Table [DIY]

After finally completing our finished basement, Brett and I (let’s face it, mostly “I” ;)) were left with the task of furnishing it…  To me, this was the fun part, the moment I had been waiting for!  We had already decided that the basement would be Brett’s space, a “man cave” if you will, minus the flashing Budweiser signs and football branded memorabilia…I’m sorry, I just can’t!  So we found a style we both agreed on- coastal/ rustic (hence the comfy nautical striped built in seating area we created).

As we began filling up the space, one piece we were in need of was a sofa table.  There was no way I was going out to buy one…we’d spent enough money on this basement already!  So since we were going with the whole coastal-rustic vibe, I decided to hit up a nearby marina/ beach for some inspiration.  I came across a huge pile of salvage dock pieces, coincidentally the same length as the sofa table we needed ;)…I convinced Brett to help me load it into the car (despite how ridiculous we looked to onlookers!)  I had a clear vision for my DIY rustic sofa table…I wanted it made from this simple salvage beach wood, and black iron legs, sort of like this rustic farm table from Restoration Hardware:

Using lots of inspiration, I created my own rustic wood & metal table for a fraction of what it would cost to buy one!  Here’s how the finished product turned out…

Rustic Wood & Iron Table [DIY]

The first step I took in creating the rustic sofa table was to measure the exact height that I wanted it to be.  I took my measurements to Home Depot, where I found this fabulous threaded black iron pipe (1″ diameter).  The wonderful thing about good ol’ HD is that they’ll cut just about anything for you!  So I grabbed 4 pieces of black iron pipe, then brought them over to be cut and re-threaded (such a cool process if you’ve never seen it before!).  Once the pipes were cut, I grabbed 4 flanges to mount to the wood (which I would screw the pipes into), along with 4 black iron end caps (these would be the feet on my table).

Here’s a better image of the piece of salvage dock I picked up :)

Once I got my table parts home, I flipped the table top over then measured and marked where I wanted the legs to go.  This was the spot I would attach the flanges to.

l’m getting much better with the power tools!

Next, I simple screwed my pre-cut pieces of black iron pipe into the flanges underneath the table…this is too simple!

For the last step, I simply threaded the iron end caps onto the bottoms of the pipe so they would be the feet for my table….

…and that’ it!  I was really surprised at home simple this table turned out to be, and it looks truly amazing!  I think I’ll leave the table top raw for now, then maybe I’ll apply a coat of poly later…


foyer color board

Classy, Casual Foyer & Art Wall Design

This design board was developed for a young family, they are super busy parents with two very active toddlers.  They wanted to de-clutter and have clean, functional place to hang coats, store shoes and suite up the kids for the day.  They also expressed an interest in displaying their tots art somehow.  They described their style as “preppy” and wanted a classy look that felt comfortable at the same time.  They love using stripes and patterns as well as natural, neutral color pallets. 

Below is the image provided by the clients:

Here is the proposed design board:

  1. The Andalusia Dhurrie rug in Horizon from West Elm. This Dhurrie Kilim rug is neutral yet room brightening, Dhurrie rugs are also very durable and super easy to clean so this will work great with two tots-not to mention, its very affordable.
  2. Ballard Designs, Durham Console Table.  This table is has clean simple lines and is super sturdy for great quality for an active family.  It’s distressed plank wood with metal design will bring a touch of rustic, natural charm to the space.  I also added baskets to the bottom for a place to hide shoes.
  3. Home Decorators Collection, French Country Coat Rack.  A classy, simple rack with lots and lots of hooks for the whole family.
  4. Bee Stand, from Ballard Design.  This stand mirrors the same metal used in the console table to integrate the natural look, its a great piece for toddlers to hop up too.
  5. Ballard Designs Toulon Plater in gold.  A touch of green is always important in any space, the gold planter ties in splashes of natural yellows.
  6. Home Decorators Collection Gervasio Floor Lamp, all entryways should have a light source if possible, whether is be natural or from a fixture.  This floor lamp is simple and understated, yet adds a touch of sophistication to the room.
  7. Ballard Designs, Brighton Club Chair in Callisto Green Stripe.  Its always great to provide a spot to plop and take off your shoes or suite up in an entry way.  This chair integrates the clients love of stripes and neutrals.
  8. Pottery barn Textured Linen Throw pillow in flax, another simple, understated way to bring in the yellows from the color pallet.
  9. Home Decorators Collection Amadour Bubble Vase.  I’m loving these versatile bubble vases right now, they can be blended into almost any decor and look great with all kinds of tall greens and flowers, so simple to change out for each season.
  10. The paint colors by Benjamin Moore, from left to right: Horizon Gray, Cork & Whitall Brown.  Since the owners colors from nature, my inspiration for this pallet was the natural colors found in slate.