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Recycled Neck Tie Bracelets {DIY}

Some of you might remember a “your picks” feature about a shop in Newport, RI that makes bracelets out of recycled neck ties.  This always struck me as an amazing way to up-cycle such a common item.  I knew I wanted to attempt to make some of these myself at some point.  I found the perfect opportunity when I came across a bunch of my grandfather’s old neckties in a recent cleaning of his “beach house”.  Looking at his old ties brought back some wonderful memories, so it only seemed natural that I use them to make something beautiful.  I selected a couple bright, fun prints to use for the bracelets; I figured the more fun I could make the bracelets, the better!  I got home and started experimenting with the process, and it actually turned out pretty simple. Here’s my DIY for Recycled Neck Tie Bracelets

Recycled Neck Tie Bracelet {DIY}


one old neck tie

one button

needle & thread


Cut the end of the tie to size, incorporating the skinny pointed end of the tie.  Measure your wrist, then add approx. 1 1/2″ to make room for the button closure. Fold over the end and stitch it up so that it’s a clean end.

Using a needle and thread, attach your button to the newly stitched up end of your tie.

Cut a small vertical slice on the pointed end of the tie bracelet, just large enough for your button to slip through.  I used a larger button, so my cut was approx. 3/4″.  Be careful not to cut the slit too close to the tip of the tie, this will cause it to break!

Using the needle and thread, stitch around the outer edge of the slit so that you have a nice, clean edge.  This will stop the cut from coming lose at any points.

Your neck tie bracelet is now complete!

looped metal bracelet

Looped Metal Bracelet {DIY}

Anthropologie is just plain awesome. I find myself checking in constantly for updates on the latest jewelrey trends. They have such beautifully simple pieces, in fact some of my favorite pieces of jewelry, like the Beach Bubble Necklace, we modeled after things found at Anthropologie.  Well, while purusing the Anothropologie site the other night, I came across another fabulous piece, the Looped Light Bracelet…here it is…

Of course, after seeing this bracelet my first thoughts were- I CAN MAKE THIS!  So I made a few modifications to better suit my taste and ended up with my Looped Metal Bracelet…

The Looped Metal Bracelet {DIY}

Gather up come copper wire (I used 16 gauge) and some leather cord.

Cut a piece of copper wire approx.4 inches long.  Use a small hammer to flatten the piece of wire and give it that “hammered” metal look.  Be sure to put it on top of a surface you don’t mind denting before you hammer!  The metal will make an indent in whatever it’s on top of!

 After the metal has been hammered, use jewelry pliers to shape it into a loop.  Close off the ends together by squeezing them together tightly.

Attach a piece of the leather cord to the loop.  Measure the cord to a bit over two times your wrist size so that you can wrap it twice around your wrist.  Loop the cord onto that metal piece tightly so it’s secure.

You can stop at this point and simply lie the other end of the cord to the loop to secure it to your wrist.  Or you can hammer another piece of the wire into a stright piece and tie it to the opposit end, make a toggle style clasp-this is the method I chose.

10 wine bottle crafts

10 Uses for Up-Cycled Wine Bottles {inspiration}

I’m back at it with the wine bottles again!  After I posted my How to Cut a Wine Bottle DIY, I promised I would share some great uses for all those empty wine bottles, and there are TONS.  I’m definitely going to have some fun collecting the materials for these great wine bottle crafts ;) .  I’ve already made a few fun things with the unused corks like the Wine Cork Bath Mat, but now I’m itching for more!  This brings me to today’s inspirational post, 10 Uses for Up-Cycled Wine Bottles

10 Up-Cycled Wine Bottle Crafts

These glasses may not be made from wine bottles, but they follow the same concept.  Simply use the wine bottle cutting technique for making these soda bottle glasses!

Simple & elegant wine bottle vases.  Use metallic spray paint on wine bottles to achieve this look!

This is really amazing, I just love the rustic feel of this up-cycled wine bottle torch, get the DIY on Design Sponge!

Create a mind blowing table scape by inserting candles in clear wine bottles like I do it yourself did!

Simple stunning.  There’s definitely an art to creating these wine bottle shelves, but this look can be achieved with a little imagination and hard work =)

First Step Designs has created this incredible hanging lantern by cutting the bottom off wine bottles.  Amazing.

Create wall mounted wine bottle vases by securing wine bottles to the wall using standard plumbing brackets you would find at your local hardware store!

Here are the real “wine bottle glasses”, similar to the soda bottle glasses above just much larger!  Again, use my how to cut a wine bottle technique for these!

This idea is genius…paint wine bottles in chalk paint and they can be used for just about anything!

This wine bottle walk way is such a cool, eclectic look!  What a great way to put funky blue wine bottles to use!

diy earring frame

The DIY Earring Frame

If your like me, you’re constantly rummaging through piles of jewelry to find just the right earrings for the night while thinking– there HAS to be a better solution!!  Of course it can’t be just any old jewelry organizing solution… it has a fabulous one, and preferably up-cycled.  So I set out to create a solution for beautifully arranging my earrings.  I went to work on a vintage wood frame until I got it just right ;).  Here’s the end result, my DIY Earring Frame...

Select an old frame to use for your project.  I found a great vintage wood frame with burlap inlay, fabulous!

Using a staple gun, attach string to the inside of the frame, staple it to the back.

This step is optional.  I used a hot glue gun to better secure the string to the staple.

This step is also optional.  I chose to paint the outside of my frame using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Old White.

This earring frame turned out to be such a simple and BEAUTIFUL solution for my earrings, and up-cycled too!  I couldn’t be happier with the way it turned out =)


funky little menu board

The Funky Little Menu Board {DIY}

Make it, don’t buy it!  If I had a penny for every time I’ve said that…well technically I do from all the $$ I save creating things I want!  Creating things for my home doesn’t just save me money, it really feels good.  I always end up with a piece that’s customized to MY liking and packed with memories and significance!

I love creating the feeling of some of my favorite trendy restaurants in my home…so when I saw an adorable little menu board at a hip eatery the other day I just knew I had to have it.  I decided to create a funky little home menu board for my dining room using an old picture frame I had laying around.  Not only does it look great, but it entices me to better plan meals since I just can’t resist the urge to write all over it =)

Gather up an old picture frame, a piece of fabric (for the backing), magazine clippings (for the letters), and a glue stick

Cut your piece of fabric and wrap it around a piece of cardboard (I used the cardboard insert that came in my frame).  If your frame does not have an insert, simple cut one to fit inside the frame.

Flip through magazines and clip out the letters to spell “Menu” and one letter for each day of the week.  You can really have fun with this and get some funky letters for a hip look!  Using the glue stick, apply them to the fabric board.  Simply insert the board back into the frame and close it up…TA-DA, instant home menu!

Use a dry erase marker to write your weekly dinners right on the glass!

diy-yarn-easter-eggs-kids crafts

Retro Yarn Wrapped Easter Egg Garland [kids crafts]

Okay, I couldn’t resist.  I had to get in just one more fun Easter project before the big rabbit arrives on Sunday… If you liked my Polka Dot & String Wrapped Easter Eggs than you are sure love this retro Easter egg garland I created using yarn, hemp and those standard plastic Easter eggs (you can buy at any dollar store).  This is another great project to do with the kids and the result is certainly impressive!

diy-yarn-easter-eggs-kids crafts

Retro Yarn Wrapped Easter Egg Garland [kids crafts]


  • 1 package of plastic Easter eggs & 1 package of mini plastic Easter eggs (I purchased these for a total of $2 at the dollar store)
  • three balls of yarn in various pastel colors (I used “Peaches & Cream” brand retro yarn)
  • 1 strand of thin hemp to string the eggs onto
  • clear drying glue like Elmer’s


String the eggs along the hemp in alternating sizes-large and then small. You will wrap the yarn around the eggs while they are attached to the string (you need to open the egg to attach it to the string and you can’t do this after it’s wrapped).

Apply a thin layer of glue to the top half of the first. Begin wrapping a strand of yarn around the perimeter of the egg. Apply glue to the bottom half of the egg when you get to it. You will not need to use a lot of glue, the yarn will stick to a surface thats just slightly tacky.

Cut the yarn when you’ve covered approx. 3/4 of the egg. The purpose is to allow just a bit of the bottom of the egg to peak out. Apply more glue as needed to secure any loose ends. Continue to apply the yarn in alternating colors to all of the eggs.

Once you’ve finished applying the yarn, tie off the hemp ends and there you have it, a fabulous Retro Easter Egg Garland for under $5!

Happy Easter!

polka dot-string-warpped-easter eggs

Polka Dot & String Easter Egg Fun {DIY}

Hippity-Hoppity-Easter’s on it’s way!  This year, I decided I was tired of the usual, basic Easter egg dying.  I wanted to get creative and display some hip, fun Easter eggs; and as always, I wanted to make my Easter eggs using only things I had around the house. I came up with a plan that used only beet juice, string, and paint.  So without further ado, here are my Polka Dot & String Easter Eggs!

Check out my retro Easter egg garland for another fun Easter project!


Polka Dot & String Easter Egg Fun {DIY}
part of Picklee’s Kids Craft Series


  • 1 Dozen White Eggs (plus 4 Brown Eggs-optional)
  • 4-5 spools of brightly colored string
  • 4-5 bright paint colors
  • one small can of beets in juice
  • white vinegar
  • Elmer’s glue
  • dotting tool (or pencil with small nail)


In a large pan, boil the eggs for 8 minutes

Now, it’s time to dye a few of the eggs (naturally!) in beet juice, just to give them a bit of a pink color. Pour the juice from a can of beets into a bowl, add 2 tbsp. of white vinegar.

Submerge a few of the white eggs in the beet juice dye mixture for approx. 2 hours.  I dyed 6 white eggs pink, this left me with 6 pink eggs, 6 white eggs, and 4 brown eggs.

Select four to five bright thread colors and bright paint colors to use on your Easter eggs.


First, we will make the string wrapped eggs.  I wrapped approx. half of the eggs in string, and painted the other half with polka dots.  Using a clear drying glue like Elmer’s Glue, paint a thin layer of glue around the perimeter of the egg where you will wrap the string.

Wrap a long piece of string around the perimeter of the egg where you applied the glue.  It should dry clear and very quickly, approx. 5-10 minutes.

Now, it’s time to make the polka dot Easter eggs!  For this step you will need a dotting tool.  It’s okay if you don’t have one, you can simple stick a small nail into a pencil eraser for the same effect!

Dip your dotting tool (or nail head) into the paint and apply dots around the eggs.  Get creative with your colors, this is fun!  You can make some eggs with multi-colored dots too!

Let the your Easter eggs dry for a bit and then have fun using your polka dot & string Easter egg’s in all kinds of different Easter displays-the possibilities are endless!

The Polka Dot & String Easter Eggs are part of our Kids Crafts Series, click here for more fun kids crafts!

polka-dot-string wrapped-easter eggs

Happy Easter!

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Ticknamo, the Sock Monkey DIY {How To}

Sock monkeys are just awesome.  Why?  For starters, they make everyone smile, and just about anyone can make one.  They are fun, simple and usually the more “defects” they have, the cuter they are!  Since sewing is not exactly my forte, I knew the sock monkey DIY was one project I could definitely tackle.

I’ve seen lots of different types of sock monkeys, but many of them are too “perfect” in my opinion.  I wanted my sock monkey to look silly, unique, and a little vintage-after all, these guys have been around for centuries.  I’ve documented the making of Ticknamo {I don’t know, he just looked like a “Ticknamo”…),the Sock Monkey below.

Everyone should have a sock monkey.

**UPDATE** You can now purchase your very own handmade sock monkey on Etsy at Picks by Picklee!

For your sock monkey:

Gather Up:

one pair of wool socks {preferably grey with two cuff colors}

cotton filling

plastic eyes

feather {for hair}

needle & thread

hot glue

{DIY} How To Make a Sock Monkey

Cut the top cuff off one of the wool socks.  Make sure to leave some of an end with some color still attached.  Here, I left some of the black attached.  This will later be the sock monkeys arms or legs!

Flip the cuff inside out.  Sew one side.  Flip the cuff back so the right side is out now, stuff the cuff with filling.  Sew the open side up, this will be your sock monkey’s mouth.

Using the same sock that you cut the cuff off, cut approx. 6-8″ off from the toe portion.  Stuff with filling and stitch up the open end.  This will be your sock monkey’s body.

Now it’s time for the sock monkey’s ears!  Pinch the top corners of the sock monkey’s head {what was the toe of the wool sock}.  Once you have the size and shape that you want for the ear, stitch it together.  Do this by putting a few stitches in the base of the ear, then wrapping the thread around the ear to get that gathered look.

The finished ears will look like this…

Moving right along the the arms & legs of your sock monkey!  Using the second sock, cut off the top portion of the two-colored cuff {I cut off the grey top, which left me with just the black ends}.  Then cut the toe portion off leaving approx. 8-10″ on the ankle section.  You will not use the toe section of this sock.  Cut the 8-10″ section in half, these will be your legs.  Do the same with first sock that you previously cut the cuff off {and the monkey’s body}

Cut a long {very skinny} strip out of one of the sock monkey extremities.  This will be the tail.  Stitch up the arms and legs and stuff them with filling.

Your sock monkey’s extremities will look like this…

Stitch the sock monkey’s mouth onto the head, the lighter color of the sock cuff should be on the bottom.

Almost done!  Attach the arms and legs to your sock monkey!  Don’t worry if it’s not perfect.  Remember, sock monkey’s are supposed to be a little ruff around the edges!

 On to the last step in the making of a sock monkey!  Using hot glue, attach the eyes to the sock monkey.  I also attached a single feather {also with hot glue} for some fluffy red monkey hair =)

 Ticknamo, the Sock Monkey, take one…

Mug shot…

Hanging around…

It’s tough being a sock monkey…

This sock monkey was a gift for someone special, so he got a tag {which I cut out from a scrap paper book}.  The back of the tag read “Ticknamo, the Love Monkey”.

painted vases after

$2 Vases Gone Wild!

I’ve seen so many fun, retro painted vases like these at Anthropologie, and I’ve been determined to re-create them…I couldn’t justify spending over $100 for a few small vases just because they’re cute.  So today, I went to my local thrift shop and purchased four small vases {$2 each} for a grand total of $8, here they are:

I decided that I would use my Annie Sloan chalk paint (in Provence) for coating the inside of the vases to achieve that funky painted Anthropologie look.  I also decided to use a lime green acrylic paint on two of them as well. *I found that the acrylic paint left a more transparent look, while the chalk paint coated the vases fully.

I simply poured the paint inside the vase and twirled the vase around until it was fully coated…

Patience is key.  If paint is thicker, it can take some time to coat the entire vase while the paint slowlyyyyy trickles down!  The end result is amazing, and for $8…this painted vase DIY is pretty hard to top!

diy valentines wreath

Pink Dot Valentines Wreath-DIY with coffee filters

Good evening!  So, earlier today I posted the Valentines wreath made with felt circles and I told you I’d be posting a new Valentines project tonight.  Well here it is, the Pink Dot Valentines Wreath made simply from coffee filters (and a little pink paint of course).  So simple, and so fun for Valentines Day.  This is a great project to do with kids too :)

If you like this wreath, don’t forget to check out my Irish Rose Wreath, which can be made using pink fabric for Valentines Day! 

pink dot valentines wreath

For this project, you will need a woven twig wreath (I purchased from the dollar store), coffee filters, pink paint, hot glue & ribbon (if you will need it to hang the wreath).

First, paint the tops of the coffee filters with pink dots, this will take approx 50 filters.  The number of filters will vary depending on the size of your wreath.

Next, pinch the bottom of the coffee filter to form the flower.  Twist the bottom to hold the flower in tact.

Using your hot glue gun, place a small dot of glue on the stem of your “flower” for the insertion into the wreath.  I found that many of the flowers did not require glue as they fit snugly into the woven wreath.

One-by-one place the flowers into the wreath.  I found the best method to be placing the flowers in varying directions, forming a stacked pattern for more fullness.

This process is a bit time consuming, took me about 2 hours.  Once you’ve placed all the flowers you may choose to tie a ribbon around the wreath to hang it, this was not necessary in my case.

Here it is… the completed Pink Dot Valentines Wreath!

The Pink Dot Valentines Wreath is part of our 10 Minute Transformation series!

diy valentines wreath

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