diy fish stamp painting

Fish Stamp Painting {DIY}

Living on the coast, I’m constantly inspired by unique beach art.  Of course it’s mostly art I could never afford, but that’s why its called inspiration ;)  A few months ago, I came across this amazing piece of art at a local shop, it was a gorgeous painting of a fish.  When I inquired, it turned out that the artist actually took a (dead, eeek!) fish, dipped it in paint and then stamped it on a canvas.  Now this had me thinking…I had to try to recreate this myself!  First, let me preface by saying I am not an artist by any sense of the word, I can just barely draw a decent stick figure on a good day.  This is why a “stamp” painting appealed to me, it seemed perfect!  Except for one part, the real fish…I just could not bring myself to use a real fish.  So for weeks I searched and searched for the perfect rubber fish to use on my painting.  I finally found it when I turned into a fish store on a whim one day.  The awesome staff just so happened to have a rubber fish sitting on their register that they graciously offered up to me when I told them about my project, it was perfect!  I went home and started on my fish stamp art right away and it turned out better than I could have imagined, here’s my Fish Stamp Painting DIY…

Fish Stamp Painting {DIY}

Gather up:

one rubber fish, try ordering one online (or a real fish if your up for a challenge!)

a sheet of poster board (I chose black and blue paper for my prints)

paint (use a contrasting color to the poster board, I used white paint)

a small paint brush (for touching up spots and applying paint to the fish)


Set up the poster board and prepare your fish for it’s task.  This can get messy, so lay down paper to protect any surfaces.

Using a paint brush, apply a generouso layer of paint to one side of the fish.  Make sure to fill in all of the spots you want to appear on your print.

Flip the fish over and lay it down on the poster board.  Be careful not to drag it, this will smug the paint.

Carefully pick the fish up off the paper.  Use your paint brush to touch up any spots that did not stick.  You’ll have to use the best of your artistic ability here ( I really had to dig deep for this one!)  Let the fish dry for a bit, then use two colors of paint (I chose black and yellow) to paint on the fish’s eye.  This is just two circles, that’s art I can handle.

Allow your fish to dry, then sit back and marvel at your work of art!  I ended up with three prints, two single fish prints on black, and one double fish print on blue.  These prints now hang proudly on either side of my fireplace :)



DIY Tooth Fairy Pillow-Wally Whale [tutorial]

There are many fun traditions I miss from my childhood, waiting up at night for Santa to come, waking up to a basket full of chocolate from the Easter Bunny, and of course leaving notes for the Tooth Fairy under my pillow with every tooth I lost.  The angst of waiting to find out what the tooth fairy had left me in the morning was almost unbearable!  It’s the memories of traditions like these that inspire me to create fun DIY’s like today’s “Wally the Whale” Tooth Fairy Pillow!  Not only was this whale pillow fun to make, it was made with lots of love for my future nephew who will be born this August :)


“Wally the Whale” Tooth Fairy Pillow [Tutorial]


step 1

Deco Art’s Ink Effect paints are great because they allow you to paint any image onto a regular piece of paper, then transfer onto fabric simply by ironing! The first step in the project is to paint a picture of a whale onto a standard white piece of paper (I used graph paper because it was all I had).  Paint the whale the same size that you want your pillow to be.  

tooth fairy pillow-whale 2 tooth fairy pillow-whale 3

Use this template if you’re working with standard 8.5″ x 11″ piece of paper.  Simply click on the image, save it to your computer, then print it out as a full page.  I created this template for the whale I painted =)


whale pillow-template-diy step 2

Allow your painting to dry for about 20 minutes (or until it’s dry to the touch).  Now it’s time to transfer your painting to the fabric you selected (I used a cream colored linen fabric).  Place a piece of cardboard down on a flat surface (this will catch any bleed through), then the fabric with the painting face down on top of it.  Iron the painting on top of the fabric, this will begin the heat transfer.  Continue to iron for about 2 minutes until you can clearly see the painting transferred onto your fabric.

tooth fairy pillow-whale 4 tooth fairy pillow-whale 5

Next, use a pair of fabric scissors to cut out the whale shape.  You need two sides for your pillow, so make sure to double up the fabric to cut out the pillow’s back as well.  Leave 1/2″ around the outside of the painted area.

tooth fairy pillow-whale 17
step 3

Now that we’ve created the whale pillow shape, its time to stitch it up!  Flip the front and back of the pillow sides around with the good sides facing in (the painted side of the fabric should be facing in).  Then, take it to a sewing machine and stitch all around the outside of the pillow, leaving a small 2-3″ section open at the top of the head (this is where we will stuff it, and hat will eventually sit).

Once you’ve sewed around the outside of the whale, flip it right-side-out and stuff with polyester pillow fill.  Then stitch up the open area on the head!

tooth fairy pillow-whale 18 step 4

Now the body of the whale pillow is complete, set it aside while we move onto the whale’s hat!  Cut out three squares of fabric, each about 6″ in length, into the shape of the whale’s hat.  Use the template below for tracing and cutting out your whale pillow’s hat.  Simply click on the image then print.

whale pillow hat template

step 5

Now that you’ve cut out the whale’s hat shape from three small pieces of fabric, we’ll start with creating the pocket that will hold the lost tooth and gift from the Tooth Fairy!  Fold over the top of one of the fabric pieces and stitch it across.  This will be the top of the pocket.

tooth fairy pillow-whale 11

step 6

Lay the pocket piece you just stitched on top of another piece of of the cut.  You will be flipping this inside out after stitching, so make sure the clean side of the stitched pocked is facing inward.  Stitch all around the outside of the pocket, attaching both pieces together, make sure not to stitch the top pocket opening!  Your hat should look like the photo below after this step.

tooth fairy pillow-whale 12
Now flip the pocket right-side-out…I know the corners on my hat are far from perfect, but we’ll look at it as “added character” ;)

tooth fairy pillow-whale 13

step 7

Now we need to attach the pocket portion of the hat to what will become the back of the hat.  Flip the pocket over (with the pocket facing down) and lay it on top of the back of the hat.

tooth fairy pillow-whale 14

Now stitch around the outside of the pocket, attaching it to the hat’s back.  Make sure to leave a small (approx. 2″) section open on the bottom of the hat for flipping it back around and stuffing it with fill.  Again, my sewing skills are seriously lacking, but trust me, this won’t effect the end result ;)
tooth fairy pillow-whale 15

Now, go ahead and flip the hat back so it’s right-side-out…

tooth fairy pillow-whale 6

See, now my horrid stitching job isn’t so noticeable anymore!

step 8

Stuff the hat with pillow fill through the opening that you left on the bottom.  You’ll notice that the opening I left is much larger than what I originally left…I removed some threads and widened the opening to get more fill in. 

tooth fairy pillow-whale 7

After stuffing the hat, stitch the bottom back up!

tooth fairy pillow-whale 8
step 9

I decided that I wanted my whale to have a funky red and cream striped hat!  To paint the whale’s hat I used Deco Art’s So Soft Fabric Paint.  tooth fairy pillow-whale 10
For this step, simply use a small paint brush to paint stripes (or whatever design you choose) onto the whale’s hat.  Let dry for about an hour.

tooth fairy pillow-whale 16
step 10

Last, but not least, attach the hat to the whale pillow!  You might be able to use a sewing machine for this, but I hand stitched it…you’ve seen my limits when it comes to using a sewing machine ;)

whale tooth fairy pillow hat

….there you have it folks, your new Whale Tooth Fairy Pillow!


tooth fairy pillow-handmade-whale

whale tooth fairy pillow tooth fairy pillow-whale unique-tooth-fairy-pillow

new jordan sig

diy painted books

Old Painted Books for the Valentine’s Mantle Display [DIY]

To warm up the house a bit for Valentine’s Day, I made these great faux antique glass candle holders to put on my fireplace mantle…but I knew I wanted to add a little more to the vignette.  I don’t like to go all out with pink and red Valentine’s decor scattered around the house (I’m really just not into the color pink), but I figured one little splash of it wouldn’t hurt!  I completely obsessed with elephants, and I got these amazing white lacquer elephant bookends as a gift recently…I knew I wanted to display them on my mantel, but I wanted to use books that had a nice, clean look.  I had nothing of that sort in my house…so I decided to create it!  I used basic, old books and simply painted the spines!  I love the way my old painted books turned out!

Creating this romantic Valentine’s mantle display was literally the easiest project ever…

Old Painted Books DIY

I started out with three vintage books that I didn’t mind painting, a little coral pink acrylic paint, and a number stamp

Next, I used a small paint brush to brush the paint onto just the spine of the books…

To tie the books together, and add a little extra detail, I decided to use a stamp to number each book, 1, 2 & 3…Once the coral pink paint dried, I applied a light coat of white mixed with silver paint to the stamp and stamped each book…

Here’s the books stamped with their numbers….

That’s it! Here’s how the books now look on my romantic Valentine’s mantle!

These DIY Painted books are part of our 10 Minute Transformation Series!

diy painted books

Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!


Romantic Faux Antique Glass + Giveaway [Valentine’s DIY]

Like it or not, the most romantic day of the year is approaching!  With just a few short days left before Valentine’s Day arrives, why not add a little romantic touch to spark up some romance at home?  In my opinion, there’s nothing more romantic than a little candle light…just add some Norah Jones and a bottle of wine and now we’re really talking ;)  Hint, Hint to all the men out there that say they’re not the “mushy” type…it doesn’t take that much!

Today’s DIY will help you create that subtle Valentine’s ambiance in your home on a dime…you’ll even have a chance to win a special something for yourself too ;)

DIY Faux Antique Glass [Valentines DIY]

Grab some basic glass pieces, I picked up two round votives and two glass candle sticks from my local dollar store for under five dollars.

Next, apply a messy coat (yes, I said messy, this paint job should not look perfect since we are aiming for the antique look) of gold metallic paint.  I used Americana Gloss Enamels Paint in Glorious Gold.  Americana Paints are should be available at your local craft store.

Once the gold paint has dried, apply a very light, messy coat of silver metallic paint over it.  Don’t cover all of the gold, try to leave some gold spots showing.  For this step, I used Americana’s Silver Sage Metallic paint.

Once the silver coat has dried, use steel wool to rough up the painted surface on the glass.  Allow some of the clear glass to peak through, make for a beautiful effect once you have candles lit inside the votives.

Once you get the glass looking nice and old & scratchy, it’s time to add the candles!  Light em’ up, dim the lights and crack open a bottle of wine…bring on the romance!

Now it’s my turn to share a little love with all of you!  In honor of the most romantic day of the year, our good friends at Deco Art offered up this fabulous Valentine’s Day paint package!  Just in time to create some romantic V-day crafts!

Enter to win this wonderful package!

1. Leave a comment below telling us your favorite part about Valentine’s Day.

2. Like Picklee on a social platform you don’t already like us on, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, then tell us you did so in your comment below!

A winner will randomly be selected announced tomorrow, so stay tuned!

Good luck!


The winner has been selected!  Congratulations to Samantha Ellis of Petersburg, VA!  You will receive this fabulous Valentine’s Day paint package from Americana Paints!



handmade owl heatpack-lavende and flax

DIY Lavender + Flax Owl Heat Pack

Now that the rush of the holiday season is behind us, I say it’s fine time to start focusing on other important things like relaxation and our own wellness =)  I know that I’m a big hypocrite when it comes to this because I’m always running around trying to cram 17,000 things into one day (as I’m sure many of you do as well)!  At any rate, every now and then I try to squeeze in a little R&R…I was in this frame of mind the other day when I decided to create today’s adorable DIY =)  I’ve seen a few DIY heat packs around the web and I’ve always thought they’d be fun to make, so I went ahead and made my own the other day!  I sewed my heat pack into an owl shape then filled it with flax seed and lavender, I absolutely love the end result… and it forced me to relax on the sofa with it for a bit ;)



Two pieces of fabric, approx 9″ H x 8″ W

Two small pieces of scrap fabric (for eyes)

One small piece of orange fabric (for beak)

1/4 cup dried lavender buds

1/2 cup flax seed

3/4 cup rice


Cut your owl shapes out of fabric.  Start with the owls head, cutting an oval shape with ears (remember you need a back and front, so cut two pieces of fabric on top of one another). The size of my body was approx. 9″ L x 8″ W. Next, it’s time to cut they eyes.  Cut two circles approx. 3″ in diameter, using a solid colored fabric. Then two more circles approx. 2″ in diameter, using a coordinating print.  Finally, cut two more circles approx. 1″ in diameter in the same solid fabric you used for the large circles.  Last, cut out an orange triangle for the beak.

It’s time to make the owls eyes.  Begin by sewing the medium sized circles onto the middle of the large circles.  Next, sew the small circles onto the bottom of the medium circles….

Now it’s time to attach the owl’s eyes and beak to his face!  Use a sewing machine or needle and thread to attach the eyes and beak to the owl’s face.

Next, sew the front and back of your owl’s head together using a sewing machine or needle and thread.  Make sure to leave a small open space (about 2″)  on one side so that you can fill your owl heat pack with the flax, lavender and rice.

Now it’s time to fill up your owl heat pack with flax, lavender and rice!  I chose to fill a separate pouch then insert that into the owl.  You can simply pour the flax, lavender and rice directly into the owl or fill a separate pouch and insert that if your heat pack fabric is thinner.  I made my pouch by sewing two squares of fabric together, simple!  Once you’ve filled your owl with the materials, simply sew him closed!

Your handmade owl heat pack is now complete!  Throw him into the microwave for 30 seconds to warm him up, then use him to relieve sore muscles or simply snuggle with!

Now you just have to remember to make some time for a little rest & relaxation!


americana paint

Dream Stocking Giveaway for the DIY-er!

You might remember some of the great things I’ve been able to do with Deco Art, Americana Paints…from lamps to Christmas ornaments, to lime green vases!  I’ve yet to find something I couldn’t paint with the Deco Art paints because they literally have a solution for covering every surface. 

Since we’re in the wonderful season of giving, Deco Art has gifted Picklee with a fabulous Christmas stocking FILLED with tons of awesome paints!  I will be choosing one lucky Picklee-er to receive this dream stocking!


Enter to win this stocking by following the three simple steps below.  The winner will be chosen on Monday, 12/10 and posted on Picklee’s Facebook page–so stay tuned! :)

1. Be sure that you “Like” Picklee on Facebook, if you haven’t already ;) (here)

2. Be sure that you “Like” Picklee on Spring, our new online shop! (here)

3. Leave a reply on this post telling me that you’ve completed the first two steps, and what you would use these wonderful paints on!

**TWO runner ups will also be selected to receive a gift from me!**

Good luck!


fabric scraps christmas cards 4

Fabric Scrap Christmas Cards [DIY]

“Sending Christmas Cards!”…I just can’t seem to get that phrase out of my head from the infamous 12 Days of Christmas song!  Why you ask? I’ve been busy making Christmas cards from fabric scraps!  I got the idea from a recent Fresh Picked Friday’s post I published with similar Christmas cards using fabric scraps…Since I have a bajillion pieces of fabric scraps, I knew this was one project I had to try.  I decided to make reindeer faces out of different fun prints, then draw on the reindeer’s features.  This was such a fun project, and it saved me from having to spend a lot on Christmas cards too!  Here’s how my fabric scrap Christmas cards turned out…

I just love how each card is unique and one-of-a-kind! Plus, I ended up personalizing the cards a bit depending on who I was sending them too; for example, my friends with new babies received a card with two big reindeer and a little baby reindeer =)

These DIY Christmas cards were super easy to make.  First, I picked up some blank card stock with envelopes for $5 at Target (I love that place!)

Then,I started out by cutting pieces of fabric into these round shapes for the reindeer’s head.  I simply cut a wide round bottom, then a small round top like this…

Next, I used a few light swirls of Elmer’s Glue to attach the fabric to my blank card stock…

For this next step, I used fabric paint “pens”, but you could use regular paint, or even markers for a similar effect.

Using my fabric paint pens, I drew the antlers, eyes, and smiles onto my reindeer. You can be creative with this step and have fun with creating different personalities for your reindeer =)

Next, I used a red fabric paint pen to draw the big red noses on my reindeer…this is what really makes them ;)

Now all you have left is to wait for the cards to dry, then personalize each one with a message on the back side!  Who would’nt love to receive one of these handmade Christmas cards?!  I know I would ;)

If you like these DIY Christmas cards, check out these DIY paper mache Christmas ornaments!

Pumpkin teeth-ghost poop

Pumpkin Teeth & Ghost Poop! {Halloween DIY}

Halloween is such a fun time of year…not just because we get to dress up and eat lots of candy…but also because it’s one of the only times of year we can go crazy with silly/spooky decor and it’s totally acceptable!  I haven’t gotten too deep into the Halloween decorating yet, but I’ve started with a few small Halloween crafts around the house.  Halloween just isn’t complete without the infamous sugary little orange striped cones-candy corn!  So to get into the Halloween spirit, I picked up a couple of bags of candy corn the other night.  I wanted to come up with a different way to display them this year…here’s what I came up with!

PS. For another fun Halloween project, check out these Nylon Pumpkins too!


I had a couple extra canisters laying around, so I decided to fill them with some Halloween treats…I used candy corn and mini marshmallows, then hung silly chalkboard tags around the them for fun!  I still can’t hold back the smile each time a walk by these!

Pumpkin Teeth & Ghost Poop Halloween Candy Jars…

I started out by cutting out two small pieces of cardboard, then painting them with a quick coat of chalk paint (in CeCe Caldwell, Vermont Slate).  My new favorite chalk paint is CeCe Caldwell’s Chalk & Clay paint, it’s 100% natural with no chemicals, VOC’s, etc.  This paint comes in so many fun colors, and it applies like a dream :)

Once the chalk paint dried, I used a pair of scissors to poke holes in the corners of the chalk squares.  Then I thread a piece of twine through the holes, so that I could hang the mini chalk boards around the jars.

Using chalk, I scribbled “pumpkin teeth” and “ghost poop” on the tags, and viola!  Fun Halloween treat jars!

chic pumpkin decorating

Pumpkins Galore! 12 Unique Pumpkin Projects {inspiration}

As Halloween slowly creeps up on us (no pun intended!), I’ve started searching for some unique ways I can decorate/carve pumpkins this year.  Of course jack-o-lanterns and ghost carvings will always have their place, I just think there’s always room for something new and exciting…plus, who says pumpkins can’t be chic?  I’ve pulled together some great inspiration for decorating pumpkins this year, so sit back with a Spiked Cider Spritzer (or a slice of pumpkin spice cake!) and soak up the pump-kin-spration…here goes!

PS. I’m LOVING white pumpkins this year, can you tell?


Unripened Pumpkins on a Mantle (bhg)

Black & White Ric Rac Pumpkins (Eddie Ross)

Gold Gilding Painted Pumpkins (country living)

Mini Pumpkin Votive (country living)

Stunning White Painted Pumpkins (camillestyles)

Pattern Painted Pumpkins (country living)

The “strength in numbers” effect, white pumpkins up stairway…

Silver Metallic Painted Pumpkins & Fabric Covered Pumpkins (johnny in a dress)

Nail Head Studded Pumpkins (coastal living)

Moon Hole Punch Pumpkin (country living)

Black & White Stenciled Pumpkins

Carved Flame Pumpkins (country living)

nylon pumpkins

Up-cycled Nylon Pumpkins [DIY]

I just started to dig into my Fall decor…don’t you just love this time of year? I can never get enough of the crisp air, warm apple cider, pumpkin pie, the list goes on!  So as I was going through last year’s Fall decor, I figured it might be fun to make something different and up-cycled this year.  The question was, what could I create for Fall using materials that I already had at home?   My mind went straight to pumpkins…and the material?  Nylon Stockings.  The end result were these (super fun to make) funky little Nylon Pumpkins!

Up-Cycled Nylon Pumpkins [DIY]

Gather up a spool of thread and a couple pairs of old nylon stockings, various colors work great (I used tan and purple).

Cut the nylon into pieces, each approx. 6″ in length.

Leaving one end sticking up, pull up the opposite end,creating somewhat of a cup.  Think of it as an upside-down mushroom.

Using pillow stuffing (or really any type of filling), stuff around the inside of the cup you created with the nylon stocking.  Be sure to keep the end you pulled through sticking up.

Using your thread, tie up the top of the filling stocking.  Leave approx. 1/4-1/2″, this will become the pumpkins stem!

Next, spin the thread up and around the stem of the pumpkin, just to get the top into that stem like shape.  Then bring the thread back down the stem and wrap it once around the body of the pumpkin.  Spin the thread around the stem again, then wrap it around the body of the pumpkin again in a different spot.  Continue wrapping the thread around the body of the pumpkin a few more times (pulling tight) so that you create the groves in the pumpkin.

Once you’ve finished wrapping the thread around the pumpkin, tie up the thread back around the stem.

At the point, you can finish off the stem however you would like.  One option is coloring the stem in with brown marker to give it a natural look….

Or, you could wrap and glue a piece of bright colored ribbon around it…

This tuned out to be such a fun project, and I’m more than pleased with the way my nylon pumpkins turned out!