black and white stripe chairs

Reclaimed Victorian Balloon Back’s [before & after]

I hit up a great estate auction a couple weeks ago…if you ever have a chance to attend one, DO IT.  Even if you don’t buy anything, it can be so much fun just to see all of the different pieces and take in the thrilling bidding process.  Before arriving at the auction, I was able to view some of the pieces that would be up for bid.  There were two amazing pieces I knew I had to have immediately–a pristine pair of solid mahogany Victorian balloon back chairs, circa late 1800’s.  Although beautiful in their original state (despite the run down upholstery), these chairs were just begging to be given a new life.  Needless to say, I practically jumped out of my seat when the auctioneer brought these guys to the bidding platform, and as you can see, I won :)

The first thing I did when I got home was carefully remove the tattered seat upholstery, keeping it in tack so that it could be used as a template for making the new covers.

Next, I painted the chairs duck egg blue.  Then they sat in my living room while I stared and squinted at them for almost two weeks…


Something just wasn’t right…the blue didn’t suit them.  I couldn’t find a single fabric I liked for them in that color, it was a sign.  So I changed it.  I took out a can of jet black paint and went right over the blue.  THIS was it.  These chairs were so beautiful and packed with character, they just needed to be revived in a BOLD way.  After the black paint cured, I gave the chairs a light coat of laquer, I wanted them nice and shiny =) 

Last, I covered the chairs in a bold black and white striped fabric…I couldn’t be more pleased with the way these Victorian balloon backs turned out!


 These chairs are so chic…so Hollywood Regency!

And for the close up…

If you like the look of these revived Victorian beauties, check out this chic Victorian entry table too!

beach wood-iron rustic table-diy

Rustic Wood & Iron Table [DIY]

After finally completing our finished basement, Brett and I (let’s face it, mostly “I” ;)) were left with the task of furnishing it…  To me, this was the fun part, the moment I had been waiting for!  We had already decided that the basement would be Brett’s space, a “man cave” if you will, minus the flashing Budweiser signs and football branded memorabilia…I’m sorry, I just can’t!  So we found a style we both agreed on- coastal/ rustic (hence the comfy nautical striped built in seating area we created).

As we began filling up the space, one piece we were in need of was a sofa table.  There was no way I was going out to buy one…we’d spent enough money on this basement already!  So since we were going with the whole coastal-rustic vibe, I decided to hit up a nearby marina/ beach for some inspiration.  I came across a huge pile of salvage dock pieces, coincidentally the same length as the sofa table we needed ;)…I convinced Brett to help me load it into the car (despite how ridiculous we looked to onlookers!)  I had a clear vision for my DIY rustic sofa table…I wanted it made from this simple salvage beach wood, and black iron legs, sort of like this rustic farm table from Restoration Hardware:

Using lots of inspiration, I created my own rustic wood & metal table for a fraction of what it would cost to buy one!  Here’s how the finished product turned out…

Rustic Wood & Iron Table [DIY]

The first step I took in creating the rustic sofa table was to measure the exact height that I wanted it to be.  I took my measurements to Home Depot, where I found this fabulous threaded black iron pipe (1″ diameter).  The wonderful thing about good ol’ HD is that they’ll cut just about anything for you!  So I grabbed 4 pieces of black iron pipe, then brought them over to be cut and re-threaded (such a cool process if you’ve never seen it before!).  Once the pipes were cut, I grabbed 4 flanges to mount to the wood (which I would screw the pipes into), along with 4 black iron end caps (these would be the feet on my table).

Here’s a better image of the piece of salvage dock I picked up :)

Once I got my table parts home, I flipped the table top over then measured and marked where I wanted the legs to go.  This was the spot I would attach the flanges to.

l’m getting much better with the power tools!

Next, I simple screwed my pre-cut pieces of black iron pipe into the flanges underneath the table…this is too simple!

For the last step, I simply threaded the iron end caps onto the bottoms of the pipe so they would be the feet for my table….

…and that’ it!  I was really surprised at home simple this table turned out to be, and it looks truly amazing!  I think I’ll leave the table top raw for now, then maybe I’ll apply a coat of poly later…


Repurposed yellow cabinet-tv console

Re-purposed TV Console [your pick]

Today’s wonderful “Your Pick” transformation comes to us from Allyson over at Domestic Superhero.  Allyson was in search of a TV console table for her new 51″ TV, so she set out to find one at her local consignment shop…but what she found was far from that.  Allyson found a beat up old dresser instead, but not just any old dresser…a dresser with a destiny…destined to become her new TV console table that is!  Here’s how the dresser looked when she found it:

Allyson sanded down the piece and removed the top drawers so that it would be open shelving for her TV console…

Then she gave the piece a good coat of primer…

Next, Allyson painted the piece a funky shade of yellow, how fun!

Since Allyson decided she wanted the piece to have a distressed look, she applied a coat of dark glaze on top of the yellow.  After the glaze dried, she painted the piece with one more coat of yellow paint, then it was ready to distress!  Allyson sanded down the paint in different areas (mostly around the edges) to give the console table a weathered look.

The last thing Allyson did was give the original hardware a coat of iron rubbed bronze spray paint.  Here’s how her re-purposed TV console turned out!  Pretty amazing, huh?!

If you enjoyed Allyson’s yellow painted cabinet, then you’ll love these yellow painted side tables too!

Rate Allyson’s transformation and share your thoughts below!


curtain panel pillows

Simple Curtain Panel Pillows {diy}

Brett and I recently completed our finished basement (wheew, it thought I’d never see this day!)  Remember when we were just finishing up the floor a few months ago, and I created this vintage cage light? I love the rustic look the light added =)  Anyway, one of the challenges with the finished space was a built in bench that we created to cover up some plumbing pipes, simple solution right?  Well, my concern was that I wanted the built in bench to feel like a cozy, comfortable part of the space.  I decided to cozy up the built-in with lots and lots of fluffy pillows.  We all know how pricey good pillows can be, so purchasing lots of them was not in my budget at this point.  I was at a local flea market one morning when I found a gorgeous stripped curtain panel loose from it’s package for only $2 (a common occurrence at the flea’s!).  I loved the pattern for the newly finished basement space, so I decided to buy it and turn it into pillows for the built in bench!  Here’s how my simple curtain panel pillows turned out….

Curtain Panel Pillow {DIY}

Select an inexpensive curtain panel from (I found a single loose panel at a local flea market).  I chose a stripped pattern with buttons at the top.  Buttons at the top of the panel may make a great embellishment on your pillows.


Cut the panel in half directly down the center, this way you are working with two equal sections.  Depending on how large you want your pillows, cut the halves in half again (or into quarters if you are working with a large panel).  The object is to make sure that you are working with equal pieces so the pillows are symmetrical (especially if you are using stripes of a pattern like mine).


Now that your pieces are cut, lay two equal pieces of the panel together with the “good” side of the fabric facing in.

Using a sewing machine (**or no-sew fabric tape if you don’t have a sewing machine), stitch together three and one half sides of the pillow.  All three sides should be fully stitched together, the fourth side should be stitched half way so that you can stuff the pillow, then stitch back up!

Flip the pillow right-side-out now.  Use pillow stuffing (I used poly-fill) to fill the pillow.

Now that the pillow is stuffed, fold in the remaining open section of the pillow.  Use your sewing machine (or double sided fabric tape) to stitch up this final open section.

Your curtain panel pillow is complete!  Notice I left the buttons from my curtain panel on the top of some of my pillows, I thought it made a great touch!


dwell chevron pillow

Fresh Picked Friday [Vol. 17]

This week’s Fresh Picks!


Drooling [Dwell Studios Chevron Pillow in Citrine]

I could live in these shirts, comfy & timeless [Mikkat Pocket Sheer Blouse]

Sweet Treat [Boyfriend Cookies]

Fall Craft [DIY Rope Bowl]

Cozy up with this blanket! [learn to knit]

Unbelievable benefits, reduces cellulite & more! [benefits of dry brushing]

Favorite Fall getaway [North Conway, NH]


DIY Screen Pantry Door {your pick}

Screen door kitchen pantry’s are a wonderful growing trend. We are seeing a lot of old screen doors being re-purposed and added to kitchens in place of the standard old pantry and closet doors. The screen pantry doors add a fabulous element of design, and better visibility too! This look is perfect for rustic, country, cottage and coastal style homes.  Here’s a little screen door pantry inspiration for ya :):

In today’s “your pick”, sent in from Paula (of Plum Harvest) we get to see exactly how she gave her kitchen a new look by swapping out a simple pantry door with a great custom screen door.

Here’s how she did it…

Paula took an old screen door, sanded it down, then painted it, giving it a rustic white wash finish.

She purchased decorative trim, and a new screen from the hardward store, then applied it to the pantry door.

Next, Paula added new wood panels to the bottom of the door and painted them with black chalk paint.

You could stop here and hang the new pantry door as is, but Paula decided to take it a step further and add a built-in-shelf to the back of her door.  She built a simple shelf (same size as the screen area of the door) and added a bead board panel to the back for design appeal, then she gave it a fresh coat of paint.

Paula used standard hinge mounts (can be found at any hardware store) to attach the shelf to the back of the screen portion on the pantry door.  This is great for storing spices, small jars, etc!

Finally, she hung the screen door in place of the standard door in her kitchen.  Looks great, and really opens up the space!

Share your thoughts and rate Paula’s transformation below!

white and gold

Fresh Picked Friday {Vol. 13}


I hope you all had a lovely week!  Here’s a few of my favorite things to kick off the weekend…

The New Black (white & gold)

Take me away (Tuscany, Italy)

Who Knew? (transfer ink to wood with no heat!)

Rise & Shine! (Healthy Greek Yogurt Pancakes)


Loving for this season (laid back prep)

Shut the barn door! (DIY barn door tutorial)

Betcha didn’t know…(Staples prints 3′ x 4′ “engineer” prints for 4.99!)


“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.- Walt Disney



before and after cane chair

Before & After White Cane Chair {your pick}

Today’s Your Pick submission brings up a blast from the past.  Remember those big, solid brown cane chairs that were in everyone’s den or “sun room”?  These were huge in the 80’s and early 90’s (similar to my ugly 80’s buffet), for some reason I’m thinking Golden Girls…man, I loved that show!  Anyway, point is, those original cane chairs went out a long time ago, right along with hi-top sneakers and spandex shorts.  However, the modernized cane chair has made a big come back, like these from Shabbfufu:

French Style Louis Cane Side Chair With Fog Linen

This new cane chair trend is what prompted Debbie (of meandmydiy) to transform an old, outdated cane chair for her daughters room.  Debbie decided to paint her chair a weathered shade of blue with white cane to give it a fresh, updated look.  And the best part?  She used painters canvas drop cloth material to recover the chair’s fabric and pillows!  How clever and innovative!

Check out the incredible results…

Debbie shares the story behind her transformation:

“This is a chair that I picked up from Craigslist and refinished for my daughter’s bedroom.  I used paint to transform the frame, and painter’s canvas drop clothes to do the rest.  The matching pillow was also made from the same drop cloth, and painted using latex paint and painter’s tape.  I couldn’t be more pleased with the results!”

Debbie’s cane chair transformation turned out amazing!

Share your thoughts and rate Debbie’s cane chair transformation below.

hot tub boat

Fresh Picked Friday {Vol. 11}

Just a few things I’m lovin’ this week =)


Make a Statement {DIY Rustic shelf using black iron pipe)

Thrifty & Fabulous {DIY Mint Jeans}

So Clever {hot tub boat}

Fun & Practical {giant chalk board wall near kitchen)

Go Somewhere.

chaosbringsorder: North

Song (Slow Down-Three Legged Fox)

Fab Earrings  (Vintage Style Coral & Turquoise Glass Stone Earrings)

Vintage Style Coral and Turquoise Glass Stone Earrings

“All your dreams can come true if you have the courage to pursue them”-Walt Disney

Have a great weekend!


beach blankets

Fresh Picked Inspiration {Vol. 10}

 Here’s a some great inspiration to kick off your weekend!


Vintage Inspired Dress (DIY)

Dress steps

Beach House Dining (beach-rustic dining room)

DIY Cost Saver (foam tube for wreaths)

*only .97 for 6ft of foam tube at Home Depot, cut it and tape…great base for a few wreaths!

a girl can dream (best.closet.ever)

Let’s have a party! (10 Gluten Free Dips)

 Beach Bum DIY (sew four fun beach towels together for a great beach blanket)

Leaving on a jet plane (the Amalfi Coast)

 Have a fabulous weekend!