10 use what you have cleaning tips

10 “use what you have” Cleaning Tips

I don’t clean often, and I hate cleaning…in fact, it feels like I’m being punished for something horrible every time I look at the massive heap of laundry accumulating in the corner of my bedroom…so anytime I can find tips to lighten the load (no pun intended, ha!) and make cleaning a little quicker and simpler, I’M DOWN.  You may have already read my post on 10 DIY Cleaning Solutions, and 10 Up-cycled Organizing Solutions, which have both helped my tremendously with my little cleaning conundrum…so I spent some time collecting even more surprisingly simple & helpful cleaning tips, using everyday household items (I’m super excited about these), here they are!

There’s a nice print out, now keep scrolling my 10 “use what you have” cleaning tips, listed one by one :)

1: Brighten Your Laundry Whites with Lemon

 2: Clean Glass Bottles with Rice

3:  Shine Copper and Brass with Baking Soda

 4: Clean Your Coffee Maker with Vinegar

5: Remove Tough Stains on Cutting Boards and Containers with Lemon 

6: Prevent Rust Stains with Clear Nail Polish

7: Prevent Plants from Leaking Dirt with Coffee Filters

8: Clean Dirty Blinds with Dryer Sheets

9: Stop Dust from Collecting on Wood with Olive Oil

10: Erase Ink Stains and Stuffs with Baking Soda

Now go fourth and clean!! Well you can, I’ll probably just stay here…;)


the better oxy cleaner

10 Remarkable DIY Cleaning Solutions

I don’t know about you, but I was feeling ready to start some serious spring cleaning.  This year, I decided to try some new (more effective) cleaning solutions using materials I already had (in true Picklee fashion of course!).   I couldn’t be happier with the outcome of my cleaning experiments.   From simple shower cleaners, to carpet stain removers, to wrinkle release spray, I found that not only were these DIY solutions much cheaper, but they worked SO MUCH BETTER too!  I couldn’t be more excited to share the next 10 Remarkable DIY Cleaning Solutions with you!

Here they are, 10 Remarkable DIY Cleaning Solutions:



















(cleaning solution sources include onegoodthingbyjille, bhg, livingsimple)


15 upcycle and organize solutions

Inspiration to Organize {Using Up-Cycled Materials}

I don’t know about you, but when things around me are cluttered & out of place, my mind just feels cluttered too {as I compose this from a desk spilling over with fabric swatches, & craft supplies in a room full of furniture waiting to be re-purposed…the irony!}  I constantly find myself looking for new ways to organize the mass of things I seem to accumulate; which brings me to today’s post on organizing solutions.  Fifteen organization solutions using re-purposed & up-cycled materials, in true Picklee fashion of course!

Here they are, 15 of my favorite organizing solutions using re-purposed and up-cycled materials!

This minimalist bookshelf looks fabulous & can be made simply by painting and mounting strips of reclaimed wood to the wall.  Customize the size of the bookshelf by mounting a few strips to the wall and adding longer shelves!

Old drawers laying around?  Screw some casters (can be found at any hardware store) to the bottom and push them under your bed for an instant under-the-bed storage solution!

These old faucet handles can be found at just about any antique supply store.  These old guys double can easily double as coat hooks; just paint them in funky colors and mount them to the wall

Bookcases can be benches too!  Take any old (or new, ie. the Ikea Expedit) bookcase and mount legs to the bottom then throw a cushion and some pillows on top-instant custom bench with storage

Sometimes I swear there’s a hairpin fairy that comes at night and steels these little guys…where do they ever disappear to!?  Contain your hairpins to one spot (or at least try) by mounting a magnetic strip to the inside of a cabinet, or wherever else is convenient

Put an end to the madness in your cleaning supply cabinet!  Organize your cleaning supplies by mounting a dowel on the inside to hang bottles, easy access and double the space!

These old milk crates are so rustic chic, and you can find them at just about any flea market.  Stack them up for fun, rustic storage solution

Mount an old window shutter to the wall for mail storage!

We all have old picture frames laying around, paint a few in coordinating colors, and add some hooks & wire for a chic jewelry storage solution

We’re back to using those old drawers again!  Mount one of those bad larry’s to the wall for a sweet storage solution!

A fabulous way to organize all those heels that pile up our closets; paint and mount any old or vintage decorative molding to the wall.  Instant space saver (and excuse to by more!)

For all those beauty supplies…hot glue an old candle holder to two plates for double- decker beauty supply organization

Recognize this?  An old silverware organizer re-purposed to hold jewelry, simply add some hook and mount to the wall

Not so much an “upcycled”, but this is a great use of space we all forget about-the space UNDER your cabinets.  Install drawers where your cabinet kick boards would normally be!

You know those big old factory spools?  They make great coffee tables!  Screw some wheels to the bottom and add dowels around the perimeter of the spool for book storage.  This old spool coffee table is super practical & rustic chic!

Share your thoughts on these up-cycled organizing solutions, and feel free to contribute more–Happy Organizing!