snow dipped glitter vase

Snow Dipped Glitter Vase [DIY]

I may be a little early, but I’m all over holiday crafting this year…I started listening to Christmas music the first week of November!? Maybe this new married life is making me more domestic!  Or maybe it’s just that I’m obsessed with Christmas crafts!  There’s something so cozy about the warm glow of candle light around the holidays, and I love displaying my candles in new, different ways.  This is what got me thinking about creating these Snow Dipped Glitter Vases for the holiday season!

snow dipped glitter vase

Snow Dipped Glitter Vase [DIY]

Gather up:

Deco Art’s Glistening Snow Writer

Deco Art’s Craft Twinkles Paint, in Gold

Glass candle votive, or vase (I wanted to use a tall candle in mine)

christmas glitter votives




Use the gold twinkles paint to cover half of your vase (or votive).  Allow to dry for about an hour, then apply a second coat.

christmas glitter votives 2

Once the gold glitter paint has dried, use the snow paint to draw a think line around the top of the glitter…make sure you add a thick line lot of paint, enough for it to drip once you flip the vase.  My line isn’t very thick, I added more paint after this photo was taken =) gold glitter vase

Flip the vase upside-down and let the snow drip down the vase (away from the glitter).  This gives the vase a “dipped” look, super chic! Allow the vase to dry overnight-enjoy!

dipped paint votives

snow dipped glitter votives2   gold glitter vase diy gold glitter vase diy 2

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Modern & Reindeer Printed Hand Towels [DIY]

Who doesn’t love fun hand towels?   I love to get festive with my kitchen towels this time of year, it’s nice way to bring some holiday flair into the kitchen without going too overboard.  Rather than buy traditional Christmas hand towels this year, I decided to create my own!  I wanted to do a fun, modern print and of course, a reindeer, so I made two hand towels.  These DIY Christmas towels make for the perfect hostess gift, or you could just keep them all for yourself =)

DIY Reindeer Printed Hand Towels


Gather up:

one package of white flour sack towels (I bought mine from Bed, Bath and Beyond)

Deco Art’s Turf Green, Lipstick and Cocoa Brown Multi-Surface paint

Small paint brush

Americana Mixed Media stencils


Start by laying your towel over a prep surface, preferably one you don’t mind getting paint on, because the paint will seep through the cloth a bit.

diy-painted hand towels

Lay your stencil down on the towel, then dab the red paint into the open areas.  I made two red areas on my towel.

diy hand towels

Next, clean and dry your brush, then do the same technique using the green multi-purpose paint.  Allow the geometric printed towel to dry overnight.


Now its time to paint the reindeer towel.  Using the Cocoa Multi-purpose paint, draw a horizontal oval on the towel.

Next, draw a vertical oval attached to the first oval, this is by far the simplest way to draw a reindeer!

Finally, paint on your reindeer’s antlers and then his nose using the Lipstick Multi-Purpose paint.  Allow the reindeer hand towel to dry over night .

diy-painted reindeer-towels

Enjoy your DIY reindeer printed hand towels!

printed-reindeer-hand-towels   diy christms towels


diy hand towels

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christmas treat bag printable template

Holiday Treat Bag [DIY + Free Printable]

I love to bake, especially around Christmas time!  Every year, I usually spend the entire Christmas Eve, “Eve” (Dec. 23) baking mass amounts of Christmas cookies & candies…I love packaging them up into goody bags and giving them out to friends and family.  The thing is, sometimes I have just as much fun (if not more) making the packaging for my Christmas treats!  This year, I found a great printable online that I altered a bit to go perfectly with any Christmas treat package.  Here’s how my Christmas treat bags turned out!

This Christmas treat package was super simple to make.  All you need is a package of clear cellophane bags and a color printer!  Once you load up your goody bags with treats, you simple fold the bag topper in half and staple it to the bag! 

Here’s the template so that you can create your own treat bag topper!  Customize the topper by typing in your own home-baked Christmas sweets!

Seasons Eatings Christmas Treat Bag Template- by Picklee  [click to open in Word!]

Happy baking! Ho, Ho, Ho!

fabric scraps christmas cards 4

Fabric Scrap Christmas Cards [DIY]

“Sending Christmas Cards!”…I just can’t seem to get that phrase out of my head from the infamous 12 Days of Christmas song!  Why you ask? I’ve been busy making Christmas cards from fabric scraps!  I got the idea from a recent Fresh Picked Friday’s post I published with similar Christmas cards using fabric scraps…Since I have a bajillion pieces of fabric scraps, I knew this was one project I had to try.  I decided to make reindeer faces out of different fun prints, then draw on the reindeer’s features.  This was such a fun project, and it saved me from having to spend a lot on Christmas cards too!  Here’s how my fabric scrap Christmas cards turned out…

I just love how each card is unique and one-of-a-kind! Plus, I ended up personalizing the cards a bit depending on who I was sending them too; for example, my friends with new babies received a card with two big reindeer and a little baby reindeer =)

These DIY Christmas cards were super easy to make.  First, I picked up some blank card stock with envelopes for $5 at Target (I love that place!)

Then,I started out by cutting pieces of fabric into these round shapes for the reindeer’s head.  I simply cut a wide round bottom, then a small round top like this…

Next, I used a few light swirls of Elmer’s Glue to attach the fabric to my blank card stock…

For this next step, I used fabric paint “pens”, but you could use regular paint, or even markers for a similar effect.

Using my fabric paint pens, I drew the antlers, eyes, and smiles onto my reindeer. You can be creative with this step and have fun with creating different personalities for your reindeer =)

Next, I used a red fabric paint pen to draw the big red noses on my reindeer…this is what really makes them ;)

Now all you have left is to wait for the cards to dry, then personalize each one with a message on the back side!  Who would’nt love to receive one of these handmade Christmas cards?!  I know I would ;)

If you like these DIY Christmas cards, check out these DIY paper mache Christmas ornaments!


Paper Mache Newsprint Ornaments [DIY]

One of my favorite things about Christmas is setting up the tree and admiring all the ornaments I’ve collected through the years.  Most of my ornaments have either come from places I’ve visited or bring back special memories.  This year, I decided to make a few of my own ornaments after I discovered these amazing Newsprint ornaments on Terrain

After falling in love with these ornaments, I figured I might be able to make my own DIY version!  I ended up creating a few different ornaments, but the first was the funky flamingo!  So I started off with a simple paper mache recipe:  3 parts flour to one part water, and a dash of salt.

Next, I added a bit of paint to give the flamingo it’s pink color.  I used a transparent gloss enamel paint by Deco Art because I wanted to be sure the newsprint on my flamingo would show through, all while keeping it’s signiture pink color.  I slowly mixed in the paint until I arrived at the perfect pink color…is it true that flamingos are pink because they eat shrimp?  I’ve always wondered….??

Next, I used 16 gauge wire to create my flamingo body…this took a bit of time to get it just right…

I stuffed a little paper inside the flamingo’s belly to keep it’s shape! Next, I cut newspaper into small strips to get it ready for the paper mache…

To apply the newsprint to the flamingo, I dipped it into my flour, water and paint mixture then simply stuck it onto the flamingo’s body…

I applied two coats of newspaper to the flamingo then let it sit out and dry for about two hours.   He looked great after this, but I decided he needed a bit more color, so I used the Americana transparent gloss paint again and brushed on a very light coat.

My flamingo ornament turned out so great, I decided I would make a few more animal ornaments to go along with him!  I ended up making a whale, seahorse, and a silly octopus…these are the colors used to create them (by Deco Art, Americana):

Here are the rest of my Newsprint ornaments!

Which newsprint ornament is your favorite?

Feeling extra creative?  Check out Deco Art Paint’s 12 Days of Christmas for many more Christmas ornament ideas using their paints!

You can find these ornaments available for purchase at Picklee on Spring!



14 DIY Christmas Gift Baskets

Thanksgiving is just a few days away, which means the stores will soon be swarming with frantic shoppers eager to find the perfect gifts for everyone on their list! Now don’t get me wrong, I love to shop, but what I don’t love is combing through masses of gift options only to find the same un-original items that people give year after year…

This year, I’ve started brainstorming a little earlier in an effort to come up with some fun and unique Christmas gift ideas. I always love the idea of giving gift baskets and packages because they’re super exciting to open and you can really have fun putting them together. I’ve searched the web and compiled a list of some of my favorite DIY Christmas gift basket ideas

For the chef [cooking gadgets & supplies]

A winter breakfast [coffee, fresh baked bread & honey butter]


 For the beer lover [beer making kit, brewery map, funky bottle opener & coasters]

 Time to relax [DIY bath scrubs]

Fun gift for teens [Money Filled Balloon Bundles]

Gifts for all! [from tailgaters to pet lovers and gardeners]

The ornament basket [DIY marshmallow & tinsel Christmas ornaments]

Breakfast for two [fruit, fresh baked griddle bread, jam, butter]

Bon Appetite! [Italian dinner gift basket]

A blooming gift that gives year round! [planted paper white bulb]

Go forth & give!