curtain panel pillows

Simple Curtain Panel Pillows {diy}

Brett and I recently completed our finished basement (wheew, it thought I’d never see this day!)  Remember when we were just finishing up the floor a few months ago, and I created this vintage cage light? I love the rustic look the light added =)  Anyway, one of the challenges with the finished space was a built in bench that we created to cover up some plumbing pipes, simple solution right?  Well, my concern was that I wanted the built in bench to feel like a cozy, comfortable part of the space.  I decided to cozy up the built-in with lots and lots of fluffy pillows.  We all know how pricey good pillows can be, so purchasing lots of them was not in my budget at this point.  I was at a local flea market one morning when I found a gorgeous stripped curtain panel loose from it’s package for only $2 (a common occurrence at the flea’s!).  I loved the pattern for the newly finished basement space, so I decided to buy it and turn it into pillows for the built in bench!  Here’s how my simple curtain panel pillows turned out….

Curtain Panel Pillow {DIY}

Select an inexpensive curtain panel from (I found a single loose panel at a local flea market).  I chose a stripped pattern with buttons at the top.  Buttons at the top of the panel may make a great embellishment on your pillows.


Cut the panel in half directly down the center, this way you are working with two equal sections.  Depending on how large you want your pillows, cut the halves in half again (or into quarters if you are working with a large panel).  The object is to make sure that you are working with equal pieces so the pillows are symmetrical (especially if you are using stripes of a pattern like mine).


Now that your pieces are cut, lay two equal pieces of the panel together with the “good” side of the fabric facing in.

Using a sewing machine (**or no-sew fabric tape if you don’t have a sewing machine), stitch together three and one half sides of the pillow.  All three sides should be fully stitched together, the fourth side should be stitched half way so that you can stuff the pillow, then stitch back up!

Flip the pillow right-side-out now.  Use pillow stuffing (I used poly-fill) to fill the pillow.

Now that the pillow is stuffed, fold in the remaining open section of the pillow.  Use your sewing machine (or double sided fabric tape) to stitch up this final open section.

Your curtain panel pillow is complete!  Notice I left the buttons from my curtain panel on the top of some of my pillows, I thought it made a great touch!


blue chair

The Bright Painted Furniture Movement {Inspiration}

I’ve shared a few posts lately about brightly painted furniture, like the trash-to-treasure nightstands and little lime table.  Bright, vibrant colors have it going on right now, from jewelry, to clothes, to furniture… Adding one simple piece of brightly painted furniture to a room can bring it from simple & understated to frisky & fun instantly.  And the best part about this trend?  It’s the PERFECT opportunity to transform and revive any old piece of furniture, so you’ll save $$ too!  Normally, when I paint furniture I like to look for pieces with great detail and character, but the process is a bit different for me when I’m painting something a vibrant color. Since bright colors have a voice all on their own, it’s okay to use more old & boring simple pieces of furniture.  So dust off that old, forgotten about table in the attic and give it a fresh coat of FUN!

The Bright Painted Furniture Movement {Inspiration}


Turqouise floral print side chair (Style Key West)

Little Yellow Side Table (Style Key West)

Yellow painted Victorian table (TatorTotsJello)

Lime green side table with seagrass inlay (BelleMaison)


Coral Painted Island (NineMSN)

Orange Cane Arm Chair (Houzz)

Blue Dining Table (tumblr)

Traditional Periwinkle Table (centsational girl)

Coral Painted Mirror (lilhoot)

Aqua Dresser (Natty by Design)

Lime Kitchen Island (we heart it)

Coral Entry Table (the sweet beast)

Baby’s Yellow Dresser (houzz)

Red Retro Desk (pink wall paper)

Go paint something!


beach blankets

Fresh Picked Inspiration {Vol. 10}

 Here’s a some great inspiration to kick off your weekend!


Vintage Inspired Dress (DIY)

Dress steps

Beach House Dining (beach-rustic dining room)

DIY Cost Saver (foam tube for wreaths)

*only .97 for 6ft of foam tube at Home Depot, cut it and tape…great base for a few wreaths!

a girl can dream (best.closet.ever)

Let’s have a party! (10 Gluten Free Dips)

 Beach Bum DIY (sew four fun beach towels together for a great beach blanket)

Leaving on a jet plane (the Amalfi Coast)

 Have a fabulous weekend!



15 paint transformations

15 Weekend Paint Transformations {inspiration}

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…you DO NOT have to spend a lot of money to have a beautiful home!  Living in a beautiful space isn’t always about having the best designer furnishings or that pricey dining room table you just HAD to have (in fact, I think these DIY dining tables are much better anyway ;)) …sometimes there’s a much simpler solution when it comes to creating a beautiful space.   One of the least expensive, yet most effective ways to transform a space is with paint.  There are so many unbelievable things you can do with paint to spruce up a space. Different paint colors and patterns can really change the entire vibe of a room, new colors in a room can even make existing furnishings look like new additions.  Here a 15 great paint transformations you can do in a weekend or less!

1- Accent wall of stripes (11 Magnolia Lane)

Get the look-  Select two complimentary paint colors then paint your wall completely with the lighter color, allow to dry for at least 12 hours.  Use painters tape to mark off stripes on the wall, fill in the stripes with the second paint color, allow paint to set, remove painters tape.

2-Oversized “caning” accent wall (bhg)

Get the look-  After painting the base coat, let dry for at least 12 hours.  Use 2-inch painter’s tape to create a grid of 18-inch squares on the wall. Using the painter’s tape, divide the squares by horizontal and vertical stripes spaced 3 inches apart. With painter’s tape still in place, apply a light coat of acrylic matte medium before painting the top coat. Remove the tape as soon as the paint is set, usually about two hours.

3- Stenciled wall (jones design co.)

Get the look-  Select a wall stencil design (like these from  Apply a base coat of paint, allow to dry for at least 12 hours.  Starting from the center of the wall (use a level to keep the stencil straight), apply the second paint color over the stencil in small sections, continue across the desired area.

4- Painted tree accent wall (zina wright)

Get the look-  This painted tree with wall hooks is a great option for kids rooms.  If you have an artistic side, you can certainly hand paint a wall tree and mount a few wall hooks on the branches.  However, if your like me (with zero artistic ability!) there are tree stencils you can purchase to help you out painting the tree on the wall.

5- Painted stencil floor (jpm design)

Get the look-  Painted floors are making a big come back.  If you’re on a tight budget and looking to make a BIG change, painted floors can make a huge difference.  You can paint over pretty much any floor surface from linoleum vinyl to wood, just be sure to ruff up the floor first to remove any lacquer or shine.  Once the floor is prepared and free of any shine, use a roller to apply a coat of oil base paint.  You may need to apply up to 3 coats for extra coverage and durability. There are also now many options of porch and floor paints available at most hardware and paint stores.

6- Painted Lamp Shade (midwest living)

Get the look-  This quick transformation doesn’t exactly change an entire room, but it can certainly make a big impact!  Use acrylic paint to stencil (or hand paint) a design on any old, boring lamp shade for a fresh, updated look!

7- Paint the inside of a front door (cafe mom)

Get the look-  What could be a better place to make a color change than the entryway of a home?  The front door/entryway in a home is always our very first impression, so it’s important to make it a good one!  Changing your front door color on the outside is great, but changing the color in the inside can make an amazing impact too!  If you’re looking for a fresh pop of color in your entryway, (works especially well in historical homes) select a bright shade of outdoor paint and apply it to the inside of your front door.  Make sure to prepare the door first by ruffing up the surface and sanding off any uneven spots.

8- Painted pattern wood floor (vintage house blogspot)

Get the look- Painting a wood floor is a similar process to painting other floor surfaces.  Before applying the paint, it’s important to sand down any shine or lacquered surfaces, you want to have a clean, smooth surface to apply the paint to.  Select an oil based paint or any floor paint in two contrasting colors to achieve a checker board effect as seen below.  Starting from the center of the room, mark off 2-ft x 2-ft squares with painters tape, then use a roller to apply the paint.  This may take up to 3 coats of paint for desired coverage.

9- Painted brick fireplace (a lifes design blogspot)

Get the look- Wipe down your fireplace brick with warm water to remove any soot or debris.  Scrap off any of that white chalky stuff sometimes found on bricks (it’s called efflorescence in case you were wondering :)), painting over that stuff will create an uneven finishMake sure the bricks are clean and dry, then apply a coat (or two if needed) of primer, let dry.  Next, apply your finish coat of paint using a nappy roller.  You can use latex paint or brick paint (brick paint can be found at most hardware/paint stores) Since fireplace bricks are very porous, this project may require 3 or more coats of finish paint.

10- Painted stenciled curtains (pb jstories)

Get the look- Select a basic set of curtain panels and a stencil pattern to use on them.  You will need basic acrylic paint and fabric medium to mix with it (the fabric medium helps soften the paint and adhere to the fabric better).  Lay the stencil on top of the curtain and tape it to keep it in place.  Mix a ratio of 3 parts acrylic paint with one part fabric medium and use a sponge to apply over the stencil.  Let dry, then remove stencil from the curtain-done!

11- Painted stripe curtains (reckless glamour)

Get the look- These painted curtains follow the same concept as the curtains above except they require painter’s tape instead of a stencil.  Mix a ratio of three parts acrylic paint with one part fabric medium (just like above), then use painter’s tape to mark off stripes on the curtains.  Apply the paint mixture to the curtains and let dry.

12- Painted ceiling (dalyessentials blogspot)

Get this look- Looking to make a big change in a space?  Look up!  Painting a ceiling can make an unbelievable impact in the right space.  It can be a daunting task, but the end result can be seriously rewarding.  For this project, you will need primer, latex paint, and a paint roller with a long handle extension.  Using the primer, cut in the ceiling edges with a brush, then use the roller to prime the rest of the ceiling-let dry.  Using the extended roller again, apply 1-2 coats of the finish paint.  Tape off the ceiling with painter’s tape to achieve a striped look.

13- Dip painted room (deucecities hen house)

Get the look- Changing the paint color in a room? Think outside the box!  “Dip” painted furniture is all the rage right now, so why not dip paint your room?  Simply tape off half of your room (including doors and trim) with painter’s tape, then apply one to two coats of finish paint.

14- Chalk board painted wall (shady grove creations blogspot)
Get the look- A chalk board painted wall is great for an office, or any type of working space.  Select a chalk paint like Annie Sloan chalk paint, and use a roller to apply it to your chalk board wall.

15- Board and batten (centsational girl)
Get the look- Board and batten detail can quickly take any space from average to upscale, and the best part? It’s simple and inexpensive to do.  Applying board and batten to a freshly painted space provides a great backdrop for mounting hooks, art, or just simply displaying beautiful detail. For this project, you will need 4″ x 8″ 1/8″ mdf board, ½ x 3 ½” pre primed mdf boards for base and top, ¼ x 2 ¼ pre primed MDF boards for battens, ¼ x 2 ¼ strip for ledge and 11/16” cove molding.  Cut boards to size using a miter saw, then use a nail gun to attach them to the wall.  Caulk any seams, then apply a high gloss coat of white finish paint.

mens dress shirt skirt

Fresh Picked Friday {6/29/12}

Happy Friday!  These are a few of my favorite things from this week :)

Festive Summer Treat (Easy Blueberry Lemon Bundt Cake)

a little HELP getting my green thumb (flower directory by color)

beach house living (blue and white converted attic guest room)

Summer Salad (Grilled Zucchini Salad with Spinach and Feta)

simple & fun transformation (how to stencil a table)
Best Fashion DIY (mens dress shirt skirt)

“When you’re curious, you find lots of interesting things to do.”-Walt Disney

Have a fabulous weekend, everyone!



crown molding shoe rack

Crown Molding Shoe Rack {DIY}

I’m sure I’m not alone on my CONSTANT search for more closet space…every single available square inch counts in a woman’s closet–right??  So of course, whenever I find space saving solutions (for shoes or clothing) you better believe I’m all over it. Over the recent months, I’ve seen many variations on these crown molding shoe racks, and they always look very fabulous and simple!  So this simple shoe organizing solution has been on my never ending list of “things to make” for quite some time.  This past weekend, I finally got around to making my own crown molding shoe rack and I absolutely love the way it looks (and it was ridiculously easy to make too).  First, here’s a couple of the crown molding shoe racks that inspired me…

 (via apartment therapy)

(via indulgy)

Now, here’s my take on the Crown Molding Shoe Rack

Crown Molding Shoe Rack {DIY}

Select the crown molding of your choice at your local hardware store.  Decide on the length of your shoe racks and use a chop saw to cut (or have the nice staff at the hardware store cut  the molding into lengths for you;))

Paint the moldings to the color of your choice.  I chose a pale yellow.Simply mount the strips of molding to the wall using anchors and long screws.  That’s it, simple as can be!  Just think about all the space cleared up for new shoes now ;)



diy earring frame

The DIY Earring Frame

If your like me, you’re constantly rummaging through piles of jewelry to find just the right earrings for the night while thinking– there HAS to be a better solution!!  Of course it can’t be just any old jewelry organizing solution… it has a fabulous one, and preferably up-cycled.  So I set out to create a solution for beautifully arranging my earrings.  I went to work on a vintage wood frame until I got it just right ;).  Here’s the end result, my DIY Earring Frame...

Select an old frame to use for your project.  I found a great vintage wood frame with burlap inlay, fabulous!

Using a staple gun, attach string to the inside of the frame, staple it to the back.

This step is optional.  I used a hot glue gun to better secure the string to the staple.

This step is also optional.  I chose to paint the outside of my frame using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Old White.

This earring frame turned out to be such a simple and BEAUTIFUL solution for my earrings, and up-cycled too!  I couldn’t be happier with the way it turned out =)


patchwork painted dresser before and after

Shabby Chic Patchwork Dresser {Your Pick}

Remember those old, outdated oak dressers? Great quality, but not exactly much in the style department anymore.  In today’s “Your Pick”, Ann shares the transformation of her 30+ year old bedroom dresser.  Ann decided she was tired of the look of her oak bedroom set, so she began by transforming her jewelry armoire using Annie Sloan chalk paint.  The inspiration for Ann’s paint design came from a patchwork painted dresser she found at a local furniture shop.  Ann used Annie Sloan paint in Paris Grey, Old White, and French Linen to create a checker board pattern on her dresser, she also changed out the pulls to give it a more updated look.  Here’s Ann’s amazing before & after transformation…

I love the chic country vibe of this piece!

Share your thoughts and rate Ann’s transformation below!




The DIY Headboard Extravaganza {Unique Headboard Inspiration}

There’s so much fun to be had with headboards. The possibilities for headboards are endless when you consider them in their basic form. Headboards certainly don’t need to be purchased. DIY & re-purposed headboards can be just as beautiful as something you would find at a trendy shop, only more personalized with WAY more character.

Before you think about hitting up the store, or scouring the web for your next headboard, step outside the box and remember that headboards don’t have to be confined to a rectangular piece of wood. Headboards can be made from just about anything, an old fence, driftwood, curtains, a pallet, an old door, the list goes on. Here are 21 very unique headboards, all of which you could attempt to make yourself.

See my post on “How to Make an Upholstered Fabric Headboard” if you’re inspired after reading this =)

 21 Unique D.I.Y Headboards

I just love the contrast between the white and vibrant yellow in this beach cottage bedroom.  This yellow upholstered fabric headboard can be made by cutting an elaborate shape out of a piece of plywood then applying your fabric.

 Another fabric upholstered headboard, this time in blue.  I can’t get enough of these fun fabric headboard designs!

“Rustic chic” is such a fabulous design trend.  This chic headboard appears to be made by joining two re-painted antique twin headboards.

Here’s a simple upholstered fabric headboard with nail head trim.  This headboard is much more modern with it’s cool blue tone and straight lines. 

Hooray for chalkboard paint!  I LOVE this stuff.  How much fun would it be to have a different headboard every night?  You can when your headboard’s drawn on the wall!

Wow.  A marvelous idea for a coastal bedroom.  Collect driftwood and assemble them in a vertical row for a custom driftwood headboard!

Just lovely.  A pastel floral upholstered headboard for a cottage style bedroom.

This tufted headboard certainly makes a statement.  Bringing your headboard up to the ceiling makes for a stunning design element in your bedroom.

oo la la.  How rustic chic & glamorous!  A dreamy, white bedroom with an up-cycled barn door being used at a headboard.  Perfection.

Here’s another great design on a coral colored tufted headboard with white piping.

This Queen Anne style headboard may not be a “DIY”, but that’s not to say you couldn’t achieve the same look yourself.  Browse through flea markets and antique stores for an old elaborate mirror, remove the glass, and add backing with fabric…

This is a simple DIY headboard that makes a HUGE impact.  Simply attach fabric to the wall, then use wall molding to create outline of your headboard.

I am in love with the color pallet in this “elegant, eclectic” room.  This headboard is similiar to the Queen Anne style headboard above (#11), so the concept for creating it is the same.  Simply use a large frame from an antique mirror.

This headboard concept is so much fun for a kids room!  Apply vintage maps to a recycled headboard for a creative, fun headboard that kids will love!

Old, antique fireplace mantels can be used for just about anything.  A fireplace mantle headboard is a great shabby chic, cottage look.

The dreamy pastel pallet in this country bedroom sings against this green upholstered headboard.

In a bedroom that might be a little on the small side, why not use a mirror as a headboard?  This bedroom applies this concept brilliantly.

Here’s a recycled fence being put to good use as a headboard in this cottage bedroom.

For a look that’s industrial chic, cut a headboard out of a piece of ruffled sheet metal

This modern kids room employs lime green curtains as headboards.  A fabulous cost saver that looks like a major splurge!

Use a shallow bookshelf as a headboard in a bedroom that may lack storage.  Columns on either side of this headboard tie the look together.

Share your thoughts and any other unique headboard ideas you may have!

white burlap

Drapes, Curtains and Sheers, OH MY!

I’m about to head out fabric shopping for some new drapes I will be making.  I’ve found it really tough to find pre-made drapes or curtains in a fabric and material I really love at a price I’m willing to pay…so I’ve decided to make them myself.  Of course I will be posting the DIY on making your own curtains as soon as mine are complete, so stay tuned!  But first, here’s a inspirational photo of an unconventional (and inexpensive) material you can use for curtains, pillows, cushions etc.-burlap!

A great resource for burlap is your local coffee shop, they will often give extra burlap coffee sacks away for free, or charge a minimal amount.