10 Amazing Beauty Uses for Coconut Oil

Since my recent discovery & obsession with oil pulling, I’ve been intrigued with the multitude of benefits coconut oil offers.  I’m completely blown away by all the different benefits & uses for coconut oil!  I wanted to dedicate today’s post to all of the different uses for coconut oil, but since there are SO MANY I decided to focus on just the beauty benefits of coconut oil for today.  We’ll have plenty of time to cover more coconut oil uses later =)

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So here they are, 10 Amazing Beauty Uses for Coconut Oil…

1. Coconut Oil Use: Hydrating Cream

Apply coconut oil directly to skin for it’s incredible healing & hydrating properties.  Coconut oil has natural SPF protection (approx. 4 SPF) & it helps protect skin from free radicals.  Coconut oil penetrates deep into skin tissue for intense hydration, helping to firm & brighten skin tone.  It’s also packed with vitamin K & E, which have properties that help protect skin from pre-mature aging.

*Apply it to your lips for a natural chap stick too!

coconut oil uses-hydrating cream

2. Coconut Oil Use: Lighten Age Spots

Apply coconut oil to dark marks, scars & age spots to help lighten them and reduce their appearance! The natural vitamins in coconut oil have intense healing properties for skin.

coconut oil uses-reduce age spots

3. Coconut Oil Use: Reduce Friz & Split Ends

Rub a bit of coconut oil between your palms and apply to friz & fly-aways to keep them at bay!  Use a little coconut oil along with your regular conditioning treatment, it naturally penetrates the hair shaft, increasing elasticity & leaving hair super smooth.

coconut oil uses-reduce friz-split ends

4. Coconut Oil Use: Makeup Remover

Use coconut oil to naturally remove makeup and rid skin from the day’s toxins.  Coconut oil does double duty as it hydrates skin & increases elasticity, revealing a brighter complexion.

coconut oil uses-removes makeup

5. Coconut Oil Use: Prevent Stretch Marks

Use coconut oil to prevent & reduce stretch marks associated with pregnancy!  Coconut oil is made up of beneficial nutrients & tiny molecules (smaller than any other oil), which allow for faster & deeper absorption into the skin’s tissue.  Vitamins and natural acids in coconut oil improves skins elasticity, which helps to prevent stretch marks.

coconut oil uses-prevent stretch marks

6. Coconut Oil Use: Gum Health & Whiter Teeth

Coconut oil contains lauric acid, which battles against bacteria that causes plaque & yellowing.  Brush your teeth with equal parts baking soda & coconut oil for whiter teeth and improved gum health.  Coconut oil also contains anti-fungal properties that naturally freshens breath!

* I’ve personally experienced significantly whiter teeth by “swishing” coconut oil (aka “oil pulling”).  Read about my experience with coconut oil pulling here.

coconut oil uses-whiten teeth

7. Coconut Oil Use: Overnight Face Mask

Apply coconut oil to your face before hitting the hay, you’ll wake up with smooth, glowing skin!  Coconut oil is a natural detox.  Vitamins K & E protect skin from aging, help keep it hydrated, and reduce fine lines & dark spots.

coconut oil uses-face cream

8. Coconut Oil Use: Exfoliating & Smoothing Body Scrub

Mix equal parts coconut oil & sugar and apply to your body in the shower.  The sugar and coconut oil work together to soften & buff away dead skin!

coconut oil uses-exfoliate-smooth-skin

9. Coconut Oil Use: Reduce Spider Veins

Apply coconut oil daily to spider veins & watch as their appearance is drastically reduced.  The tiny molecules in coconut oil are able to penetrate deep into tissue and heal broken capillaries.

coconut oil uses-reduce-spider-veins

10. Coconut Oil Use: Cure Acne

Apply coconut oil to skin at night to help reduce acne breakouts.  The lauric & capric acid penetrates skin, killing acne causing bacteria.  Use coconut oil as an acne spot treatment too; it’s anti-microbial properties will help shrink pesky pimples.  Vitamins K & E also help prevent and reduce scaring & skin damage due to acne!

coconut oil uses-cure acne

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17 responses to “10 Amazing Beauty Uses for Coconut Oil

  1. well try to use veno rid serum which is help you to get rid varicose veins I have also used the product for 4 weeks and have not seen any disappearance in spider veins. Actually, they are more pronounced after applying the cream. I will finish the product in about 6 weeks to see if there is a gradual improvement.

  2. Coconut oil is amazing, but I would use caution when putting it on your face for a moisturizer or acne treatment. Many people have been known to break out from coconut oil (myself included) so a patch test is recommended.

  3. I know it works on my fine, thin hair – it makes it soft and controls fly-aways. I also just started to use it on my skin. I noticed my spider veins have greatly improved. I didn’t know what to associate it with – maybe it is the coconut oil! If so, I am very impressed. I have read that unrefined coconut oil is what you want. Just read the label on the jar… I find it at the health food section of my food market.

  4. I am amazed by the benefits of coconut oil. I found out by accident how well this works on spider veins. I had been using it on my legs because my skin was so dry. I happened to take a closer look at my calves and thighs and was happy to see the clumpy little veins almost gone or very much diminished. It doesn’t take long to see improvements. I was actually looking at dermatologists in town to take care of this, but it doesn’t look like I’ll have to.

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