DIY Wrapped Wire {Birds Nest} Necklace

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I’ve noticed lots of wrapped wire jewelry lately and I just love how sweet and delicate it looks.  All of the wrapped wire (or birds nest) necklaces that I’ve seen have come with a pretty hefty price tag (that they certainly look worthy of)…but we can fix that!  The bird’s nest style necklaces actually very simple to make on your own.  You can create them in any variety of colored, glass or stone beads.  Consider using birth stone colors for birthdays, or children’s birth stones, for a super thoughtful Mother’s Day gift.

 For this project, I decided to use silver wire and a mix of glass and copper beads to make two different styles of the birds nest necklace.

**Update** Your can now purchase your own custom made birds nest necklace on Etsy at Picks by Picklee!

Learn how to make you own Birds Nest Necklace with this DIY!

Gather up:

Beads of your choice (3-4)

20-24 gauge beading wire

Necklace chain of your choice

Jump Ring

Wire snips


Select your beads, it’s best to use 3-4 small beads.  Any type of bead will work, but glass beads, pearls, and stone beads work great with this necklace.  Using 20-24 gauge beading wire, string on the beads– continue to wrap the wire until nest reaches desired fullness.

Leave an extra one to two inches of wire at the end nest for wrapping around your birds nest.  Wrap the wire tightly to secure the nest, then tuck the wire into the back. You may choose to wrap the nest on 1, 2 or 3 places, this is a matter of preference.  To illustrate, I did one nest with three wraps and another nest with just one; both options look great.

 Attach a small jump ring to one of the wrap-arounds on the nest; make sure the jump ring size will work with your chosen necklace strand.

Simply string the necklace strand through the jump ring and enjoy your fabulous birds nest necklace!  Remember these great DIY necklaces next time your pondering a thoughtful gift idea!

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9 responses to “DIY Wrapped Wire {Birds Nest} Necklace

  1. I made one of these! I have never made any jewelry before and I’m really pleased with it. Your instructions are perhaps not quite basic enough for us total amateurs but I managed and I’m sure my next one will be even better. Thank you very much!

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